Role of Fruit Juices in Growth of Hair

Have you ever heard that juices from fruits can augment natural hair growth?

Incorporating fresh fruit juices within your body can actually work wonders. Juices as a matter of fact, can provide enough nutrition which can encourage growth of healthy hair follicles. Juices actually take care of hair breakage which can happen easily otherwise. Juices extracted from the fruits add on extra benefits and gets absorbed at a much faster rate.

Hair roots require significant nutrition, in the absence of which, baldness can appear. Consumption of fruit juices can help a lot, in aiding hair growth, Loss of excessive hair can really lead towards permanent baldness.

However, as per the views of medical experts, permanent baldness can have long term implications and needs to be addressed immediately. Hair transplantation is the one and only safe method that can address problems related to permanent bald ness.

However, in case you feel that you are suffering from problems related to baldness, you can try out the following juices which can give amazing results on promoting hair growth.

1) Aloe Vera Juice:-

Aloe Vera is a natural plant product. Directly extracted, the juice can aid in pumping the required mineral and nutritional supplements, that are required to promote healthy hair growth. At the same time, the juice can help to prevent a dry scalp which can trigger loss of hair. Aloe Vera juice can work wonders in case of removing dandruffs and thus reduces itching as well.


2)  Kiwi Juice:-

Kiwi juice is much known a product for the high content of vitamin E. Vitamin E provides a strong immunity for humans and simultaneously takes care of excessive hair fall. The juice is naturally consumed along with having external applications on the scalp.


3) Onion Juice:-

Onion juice is a big help in case of premature ageing. Sulphur being the primary ingredient, onions can help in problems related to dry and infectious scalp.


4)  Spinach Juice:-

Spinach juice can be considered to be one of the healthiest ingredients that can turn out to have a great impact on augmenting growth of hair. Spinach juice is even considered to be a great product for hair as well as skin, as it contains high amount of vitamin B. Consumption of Vitamin B can help in restoring the shine and encouraging hair growth to a large extent.


5) Guava Juice:-

Guava is rich in antioxidants. It consists of various nutrients such as iron, calcium, folic acid, etc which can actually help in re-growth of hair follicles. Raw guava can produce a better outcome and leaves of guava when boiled can give a comforting effect on any kind of joint pains.


6) Garlic Juice:-

Garlic is known to make the hair healthy. Simultaneously, garlic extract can supply the required nutrition to the hair follicles. Garlic pulp can also increase the blood flow to the scalp. This is as per observation of medical experts.  Applying of garlic juice can make the hair smooth and lustrous.


7)  Cucumber Juice:-

This juice is known to be ever green and can offer a multiple benefits. Cucumber juice helps in hair growth and triggers a natural volume of hair on human scalp. Cucumber can prevent hair loss to a large extent, and improves circulation of haemoglobin to the growing cells in the scalp. Drinking the juice regularly can work wonders for any kind of hair problems.


8) Coriander Juice:-

Coriander is also called cilantro. The juice is known for its therapeutic properties and is extremely beneficial in arresting loss of hair. Coriander juice is prepared directly from the leaves which are diluted before being applied on the human scalp. The paste can be applied on the scalp, before shampooing in order to get the best impact.


9)  Strawberry Juice:-

Strawberry juice is made up of Vitamin C which helps to increase the proteins in your body.  This leads to stimulating hair growth.  Crushed strawberries can bring a better impact as far as hair volume and lustre is concerned.


10)  Carrot Juice:-

Carrot juice is enriched with beta-carotene in order to improve the quality and lustre of your hair. Besides carrots having a high vitamin C content can provide the best nourishing for human scalp.


11) Apple Juice:-

Apple juice can really work wonders for reducing dandruffs. However, it helps to provide the required lustre and can act as a conditioning agent. Apple juice can also act as a moisturizing agent, which can help in getting rid of dryness.

Having read the benefits, we are sure that the readers of this blog can actually be interested to include these juices as a part of their daily diet. It is important to note that, these juices can act as catalysts and can augment growth of hair but can never take care of baldness.

Permanent baldness can be treated only through hair transplantation. This has become a popular service as far as the Indian market is considered. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai are hubs which promote a quality service on hair transplantation. Cost of Hair transplant in Delhi happens to be the least as per individual requirements.


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Ricky Martin is an online medical counsellor who like to write on topics related to health. My website is NHT India. If  you are looking for hair transplant and have some questions related to it, then NHT helps you to find best clinic for hair transplant in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. with detailed description and cost.

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