The Air Inside Your Car is More Harmful to Your Child – Know How

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Air pollution is a rising concern for people in the Indian subcontinent. A recent study published by IQAir reported that 13 out of 15 of the world’s most polluted cities are in India. With such worrying statistics, it’s natural to have health concerns. The declining quality of air is raising concerns and is affecting millions of people breathing in an apparent gas chamber. Even though air pollution is extremely bad for the health of everyone – children are the ones who are most affected. The extent is so much that 2.2 million or 50% of all children in Delhi have irreversible lung damage due to air pollution. If these numbers are heart-wrenching, you would be shocked to know how harmful air pollution is in your car and what it does to your children on a daily basis. A car air purifier in India is a necessity, and you will know why! What’s in Your Car? Air pollution outside is a menace and a cause of concern. If your child travels with you in the car often, either to school or tuitions, they are getting exposed to air pollution in worse ways. That’s not all – the air pollution inside the […]

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Clinical Negligence in Its Most Fearsome Form: 5 Facts About Birth Injury

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Birth injury of any kind is a heartbreaking ordeal for any family. While every mother wants to leave the delivery room without incident, each year more than 25,000 infants in the United States suffer some kind of birth injury. Birth injuries take different forms and can feature a number of complications. Whether the injury is caused by the negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other medical providers, the damage can be long-lasting, and in the worst-case scenario, could lead to premature death. Here are five facts about birth injury that you could find useful. Birth Injuries are Common In the United States, for every 1000 infants born, roughly 7 will suffer a birth injury, which amounts to approximately 1 in every 9,714 infants born with a birth injury. Some 28,000 infants are born each year with a birth injury. Birth injuries appear to be more prevalent among younger mothers between the ages of 25 and 34, whose physicians employed the use of birthing tools like a vacuum or forceps. There are Several Common Birth Injuries A number of birth injuries can occur that stems from medical malpractice and negligence, or a lack of diligent medical care. Some of the most […]

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7 Ways to Strengthen and Support Children’s Positive Mental Health

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For kids to grow up happy and healthy mental health is as important as physical. And this is often overlooked. Mental health means having a healthy mind and body and being able to see things around us as are, it influences our perception of the world and ourselves. Kids are exposed to different types of emotions both at home and at school, even at the playground, from happiness to frustration and disappointment and teaching them how to cope with them in the right way is absolutely essential for helping them, maintain positive mental health. Help them understand it is not permanent Kids who experience bad emotions for the first time, like sadness, frustration or anger tend to feel overwhelmed by them and are not capable of understanding that is just a temporary state. This is why it is important to talk them through these emotions, explaining that it is temporary. As you know emotional injuries are quite similar to physical ones in the sense that it takes time for them to heel. Teaching your child how to deal with these emotions rather than suppress them is one of the most important lessons. Help them acquire knowledge Through education comes an […]

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How to Choose an Ent Specialist For Your Little One

The process of choosing a doctor for your little one is not that easy. In making this choice, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. The equipment and surgical equipment come into prominence at this point in time. In the choice of an ENT specialist, you would need to be aware of all these points. Here you need to be aware of how to go about the process of choosing an ENT doctor. The younger ones are prone to problems of tonsils. This would include sinus infections along with a host of other problems. If you want the optimum condition of your little one, it would be better to seek the services of an ENT specialist. Before you go on to hire one there are some tips to keep in mind. #1. Credentials In the choice of an ENT specialist, this is an area that deserves a lot of attention. Just cross check the fact whether the doctors are certified by the board or not. This is the main reason they can go on to handle all problems with the ears or the sinus. Most often than not you can avail the services of a pediatric specialist. The […]

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Congenital Deformity – Types, Causes, and Treatments

Many babies are born with birth defects. When a baby has disorder or deformity by birth, it is known as a congenital deformity. Fortunately, such issues of newborns can be resolved through surgical solutions. The babies can lead a normal life without any physical and emotional complications when they grow up. However, these deformities vary from mild to severe when it comes to the impact on child’s health and development. Causes of congenital deformity In most of the cases, an exact cause of the birth defects is difficult to pinpoint. However, it generally believed that some genetic and environmental factors play a role. So, many factors may be responsible for the birth deformities. When it comes to genetic and inherited causes, chromosomal defects are considered first. This defect is the reason when too many or too few chromosomes play their role in forming the body cells of a baby. Down syndrome is the defect mainly associated with the issues with the structure of the chromosomes of parents. An extra copy of chromosome 21 and abnormalities of sex chromosomes are main causes of the genetic defects in a baby. There may be single gene defects when a mutation of one gene can cause the defect. In some cases, one parent passes […]

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