Congenital Deformity – Types, Causes, and Treatments

Many babies are born with birth defects. When a baby has disorder or deformity by birth, it is known as a congenital deformity. Fortunately, such issues of newborns can be resolved through surgical solutions. The babies can lead a normal life without any physical and emotional complications when they grow up. However, these deformities vary from mild to severe when it comes to the impact on child’s health and development. Causes of congenital deformity In most of the cases, an exact cause of the birth defects is difficult to pinpoint. However, it generally believed that some genetic and environmental factors play a role. So, many factors may be responsible for the birth deformities. When it comes to genetic and inherited causes, chromosomal defects are considered first. This defect is the reason when too many or too few chromosomes play their role in forming the body cells of a baby. Down syndrome is the defect mainly associated with the issues with the structure of the chromosomes of parents. An extra copy of chromosome 21 and abnormalities of sex chromosomes are main causes of the genetic defects in a baby. There may be single gene defects when a mutation of one gene can cause the defect. In some cases, one parent passes […]

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9 Ways You Can Help Your Child Overcome Depression

Kids have depression too. Even toddlers go through a massive amount of depression sometimes. Depression is an often-ignored issue in the society we live. Depression is a serious societal issue that sees no difference in the elderly, adults and children. Causes of Depression in Children There are various risks factors that might cause depression in children such as stress, abuse, loss of a parent(s) or sibling(s), pain, natural disasters, poor performance in school, health complications, and lack of attention from parents. The causes of depression may be more in numbers in case of children, as they are really not able to put their feelings in words in front of others. Symptoms of Depression in Kids Childhood depression is often labeled as a serious condition which is way different from normal blues and everyday behavioral changes. Noticeably, not every sad behavior of your child is depression. However, if this unexpected version of your kids continues, it is time to take serious action and help your child fight this phase of life. Here are some of the signs of depression that a parent should be vigilant of: Irritability Continuous sadness or crying Weakness Deteriorating health Social withdrawal Reduced interest in studies Lack […]

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Breastfeeding Benefits For Mom And Baby

We have compiled the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby in this great article. Breastfeeding is your very special gift to your baby as it is the best thing you can do for them and should continue to do from their birth until they are at least 6 months old. Breast milk contains many nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your baby’s growth and development. In some studies, breastfeeding has been linked to enable higher IQ scores in later times of childhood. Advantages Of Breast-Feeding For Your Baby  : Breast milk contains essential nutrients and vitamins, making it the perfect food for your baby Breast milk is always fresh and instantly available at the right temperature Provides your baby with vital antibodies that help strengthen their immature body system Breastfeeding makes children smarter Reduces the risk of your baby developing food allergies and intolerances Helps reduce the risk of your baby developing ear infections Breast feeding is great for bonding and ensures better friendship between baby and mother Reduces incidences of diarrhea (liquid poop) and respiratory diseases. Breastfeeding also plays a role in the prevention of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). For The Mother  : Helps decrease the […]

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