How Biotechnology Could Improve Our Everyday Life

It’s pretty simple to figure out what biotechnology is, mostly because it’s a combination of two well-known words – bio and technology. However, if you’ve just learned the meaning of this term, you might be wondering whether or not it has a future. To answer this question right away, yes, biotechnology does have a future, and to help you understand this, here is a list of how it could improve our everyday life: 1. It Can Improve And Speed Up Food Production Processes One of the first things biotech can help us with is improving the nutritional content of the ingredients and food we consume. It can also help boost the speed of food production processes and since it can manage the occurrence of weeds and pests, the nutrients and minerals found in the soil will be improved, thus, biotech can actually help us create healthier food – which will, in return, decrease health problems connected to the lack of beneficial nutrients. 2. It’s Useful in The Medical Field as Well Biotechnology can help scientists understand human genetics better and by using biological systems to produce and monitor a wide range of medical products, scientists could learn how to prevent […]

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Balloon Sinuplasty vs Traditional Sinus Surgery


Those who suffer from chronic sinusitis know how frustrating it can be. Much more than just a stuffy nose, sinusitis can cause painful headaches, facial tenderness, sore throats, and pressure in the ears and teeth. Dealing with these symptoms on a daily basis can be incredibly tiring for sufferers, leading many to consider taking medical action. Technology has come a long way in recent years, offering sinusitis sufferers options in terms of surgeries. The two main options are traditional sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty. These options vary greatly from each other in terms of the actual procedure, recovery, cost and invasiveness. Keep reading to learn more about some of these key differences and see which option seems best for you. The Procedure There are actually three procedures you can undergo when getting traditional sinus surgery. These are maxillary antrostomy, which treats the sinus at the back of the cheek, ethmoidectomy, for behind the eyes and the bridge of the nose, and turbinoplasty, for blockages caused by enlargement of the nasal turbinates or a twisted septum. With traditional sinus surgery, an opening is made into the sinus from inside the mouth or the skin of the face. The doctor will then […]

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How Telehealth Service Can Help Patients with Busy Schedules

Telehealth is turning out to be a veritable godsend for many people who would not be able to find the time to visit their local doctor. Now, with the help of telehealth and telemedicine many, if not most patients can easily interact with doctors irrespective of how far away they may be. The modern ‘telehealth’ sector does not require transport, nor does the geographical location of the patient matter. Furthermore, the really busy patents no longer have any particular need to match their schedules, with those of their doctors. Moreover, they don’t have to follow anyone’s else timetable and can call upon the topmost medical health experts from the safety and comfort of their homes as well as offices. Another important benefit telehealth is the fact that the erstwhile patent can easily go for a consultation at the time ‘he’ wants and needs it the most. As a matter of fact, all of this can be easily achieved, literally by swiping a smartphone. This has helped the business and executive community no end as they have been able to consult with the leading specialists in their respective fields without even taking an appointment for a consultation. But, this is only […]

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Diffuser vs Humidifier – Pros, Cons and Differences

diffuser vs humidifier

Pleasant smell plays a vital role in our health & especially in our mood management. It can make our days more beautiful and eliminates stress. To spread a pleasant scent and essential oils in your home, you can go for a diffuser or a humidifier or may be both! Get to know the pros, cons and differences between diffuser and humidifier in this article. Don’t we all just love a soothing aromatic effect in our homes, when we come from a busy day at work and come home tired and all sleepy, a fresh breeze of a beautiful scent gives our body a relaxing & refreshing touch. Most of the time, people get confused in understanding the concept of these both useful products. So, let’s start by defining both terms and their pros and cons. Diffuser A diffuser disperses essential oils into the air as a fine vapor so that it can be gently absorbed into the body through our respiratory system. Various different kinds of essential oils can be used for a preferred soothing effect in the diffuser together to create a pleasant aroma along with several therapeutic benefits. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types but the main […]

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Significant impacts of technology on plastic surgery

Having a cosmetic surgery is a personal choice for people to improve their facial and body contour. Reconstructive technology has resulted in a medical breakthrough following new and innovative methods as well as using safe materials. The entire procedure today is far more refined, accessible and individualised due to latest discoveries during the last few years that are utterly beneficial. The use of an endoscope in facial rejuvenation is perhaps a major leap in plastic surgery. A word on “Endoscopy” & surgical procedure The endoscope is a device mounting a small camera that can be inserted in a human skin through a tiny cut to view underlying tissues of which images are displayed on a connected display screen. It’s a common instrument used by many orthopaedic surgeons during observations and operations so many people out there are well aware of how it’s used. Although not so recent in tech advancement, it’s surely an addition to the cosmetic surgery allowing surgeons to master brow lifts by applying numerous small cuts to the scalp. Patients who complain about mid face and jowl sagging instead of excess skin, surgery can be performed by making tiny cuts under the lower eyelid and the scalp […]

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