9 Most Common Dental Emergencies – 2020 Guide

It seems very odd when you feel some inconvenience in your mouth. It is quite difficult to examine your mouth by yourself. As well as, you can’t judge what the problem with you is. If you realize any disturbance, you need to make an emergency call at dental 911. You can get the best dental service in a dental emergency. Until you don’t get the doctor, you need to use some home remedies to alleviate your pain temporarily. Indeed, any kind of dental emergency is a fact and it comes without warning. That’s why it is very essential to prepare you for any emergency and find a local dentist beforehand. As well as, it is necessary to deal with dental emergencies properly to lessen the complications and save your life. Additionally, you can just a single call away to receive dental emergency in pandemic Covid-19. In this situation, people have become more conscious about their health and want to get dental services with SOP. If you any kind of trouble in your mouth, call your local doctor first and make an appointment immediately. To make you understand better, here are some common dental emergencies are given below: 1. Injured mouth […]

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Sedation Dentistry Has Made the Fear Go Away


Are you the person who fears visiting the dentist? If yes, then sedation dentistry is your way out. With this technique, all your fears of having pain will be gone. If you are facing any dental or oral hygiene issues, then it is the high time you should consult a dentist. Having a bad tooth not only gives you eating problems but also can impact your social life to a very extent. People normally lose their smiles and feel conscious of themselves. Many people avoid the dentist and make them suffer from intense pain. Well, we suggest consulting the dentist and asking for a sedation technique. All your anxiety and pain will be taken care of with this sedation treatment. This treatment is very simple and does not ask for much, just your cooperation with the dentist.  Many people wonder if there can be any side effects of having any tooth survey under the effect of sedation. Then, no there will no side effect and dentists make sure to use the perfect amount of sedation that is suitable for a particular type of surgery. This sedation works well for people who have anxiety before having pain. Mostly the sedation is […]

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What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Planning to get your wisdom tooth removed? Wondering what to eat after the wisdom teeth removal? I understand how irritable wisdom teeth can get. Particularly, when they grow misaligned. But you will be glad to know that, wisdom tooth removal is one of the least painful surgical procedures. You won’t feel a thing while the dentist detaches your tooth from the gums. Usually, this surgical procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. And during this period your doctor will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area surrounding your teeth. You will still be awake and conscious but won’t feel any pain. Am I allowed to eat immediately after wisdom teeth removal? If not, then when can I resume my normal diet? Experts at the School of Dentistry, University of Washington, recommend you to rest for 2-3 days after the procedure. This is to speed up the recovery time. Also, dwindle the amount of swelling in the mouth–which is quite normal after oral surgery. The swelling is estimated to increase for 2-3 days and then go down gradually.  During this period, your doctor will keep you under some heavy painkillers, therefore, you won’t feel much pain or discomfort. Hence, do not […]

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Maintaining the Perfect Shade of White: 5 Foods and Beverages That Can Cause Teeth Discoloration

teeth stain

Have you ever smiled in the mirror, only to be disappointed by dull, yellowing teeth? Sometimes, it seems like stained teeth can happen overnight! That’s because there are certain foods and drinks which can cause staining very quickly. Others may impact the overall condition of your teeth, making them more susceptible to staining. Here are the five foods and beverages to watch if you want a brilliantly white smile. 1. Soda. Soda is one of the biggest offenders, and it’s the one featured on this list that’s worse for long-term staining. While the caramel color in soda itself may not be the worst for causing stains, the sugar and acid it contains is. Sugary drinks attract more bacteria to your mouth, which can lead to more staining. Additionally, the acids can wear down at your enamel and make it more porous. This makes your teeth look yellower, as the dentin beneath becomes more visible. The porousness also makes it easier for stains to get trapped on the surface of teeth. 2. Red wine. Are your teeth looking a little grayish? If gray is the issue, rather than yellow, it might be your red wine consumption. Red wine can be very […]

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Does Dental Cleaning Damage Teeth?


Many people ask this question, “why should they get dental cleaning when they brush, floss, rinse and clean their tongue regularly?” Well, they should know that oral care alone never guarantees healthy and disease-free teeth and gums. There are other factors as well that can harm dental health at any stage of life. Our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, the oral etiquette we avoid etc. are some of other factors that can harm our dental health. More importantly, we alone can never judge whether our oral health is good or bad, as only dentists are just judge to that. No matter how much you examine your teeth, you can only see the front teeth or front surface which may look whiteish and that does not mean the teeth are healthy and disease-free. Plus, there will be plaque building up on the back side of the teeth which may remain invisible to us. So, even without our knowledge, there may be a layer of plaque and bacteria growing up on our teeth and gum lines which can cause problem if not removed in a timely manner. And only the dentist Greenpoint can see the teeth minutely, spot signs of trouble, […]

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