What Are Tear Trough Fillers And How Long Do They Last

When beauty is in question, we all do what we can to keep it for as long as we can. Ageing is something we can’t do anything about and we all will age, but the fun thing is that someone can age a lot finer than others. Ageing is an integral part of our lives and most of us try to at least slow it down as much as possible since we cannot stop it fully. We all have different perspectives on ageing and some of us take it a lot more open-minded while some simply don’t like it and will do anything to postpone it as much as possible. Enter the beauty market and all of their lotions, cremes, gels and whatnot that is supposed to help slow down ageing, revitalise and re-energize your skin and certain body parts. After that there are more vigorous things, we do to stay beautiful and those are surgical and non-invasive procedures that help from there. Plastic surgery, Botox and other things are used to either correct or better your looks in certain areas, but what if the area you are most interested in can be done this way?! What then? There is […]

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8 Health Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Eyelashes – 2024 Guide

When you think about it, long eyelashes do make us look more appealing, however, their purpose does not stop there. In fact, they have an important role in keeping our eyes safe, mostly because they protect them from sweat and dust. But, if you noticed that they are falling off even when you are not rubbing your eyes, there might be an underlying problem that you do not know about. If you found yourself in this unfortunate situation, you might be wondering – are there any health reasons why I might be losing my eyelashes? Luckily, this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today. Let’s take a closer look at the list of the top 8 health reasons why you might be losing your eyelashes: 1. Insufficient Nutrients And Vitamins We all live a fast-paced life, which is one of the reasons why you might be skipping meals and consuming an unbalanced diet – and this is something that can impact your lashes. The hair on our body requires trace substances like magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins A, B, and E in order to grow, which means that the lack of these substances can cause your hair […]

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9 Reasons to Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly

People tend to see a doctor only when something is wrong with their health. But what about all the preventive checkups that should be done at least once a year? Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe it is, but we must understand that health comes first and that therapy will be more effective if something is discovered in time, and not if we wait until the last moment to contact the doctor. When we talk about the reasons for contacting an eye doctor, many indicate that we need an examination by this specialist, and here are some of them. Almost 60% of the world’s population needs vision correction. That’s a lot of people, but the good news is that 80% of visual difficulties can be avoided and corrected. To find out if you need glasses you need to understand the symptoms of vision loss. Changes in night vision The night makes driving difficult for everyone, and especially for those drivers who have some vision problems. Cataract (cataract) blurs vision. It doesn’t hurt, but it gets worse over time, and the first symptom is poorer vision at night. If you suddenly find it harder to drive when it gets dark, […]

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What you Need to Know Before Going for Your LASIK Surgery – 2024 Guide

There are certain things you should know before and after undergoing a LASIK surgery, for example, you should take a break from sporting activities, and there is also LASIK aftercare that you should adhere to! Here are some of the important things you should know before going for LASIK surgery! You need to take a break from sporting activities after a LASIK surgery This is very important, especially if you had undergoes laser vision correction surgeries that involve the creation of corneal flap such as LASIK. You have to take a break from sporting activities after this surgery. Usually, you need to wait for a few weeks before resuming sporting activities, water sports included! Check with your doctor at the exact time you have to wait before you can resume your sporting activities! Also, if you are into active contact sports such as martial arts, soccer, or basketball, LASIK might not be the best choice for you. This is because the corneal flap that was created during the surgery will pose a risk of it being dislodged when you got hit around the eye. If you are a sports enthusiast, another type of laser vision correction that does not involve […]

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How To Choose The Best Eye Cream For Younger Looking Under Eyes


There is no reason whatsoever not to use anti aging eye creams to help you look younger and more attractive. The eyes are the most attractive parts of most people and they also mirror the actual age of the person. As the person ages, the eyelids start to acquire dark circles and become fluffy. These make the person even look older than he/she already is. To fight this, the beauty enhancement market is flooded with best selling wrinkle creams often termed top rated anti aging eye creams. And effective age-defying eye cream should have active ingredients such as hydroxyl acids that help make the skin look younger and healthy. Anti-aging eye cream such as Solvaderm Eyevage has powerful yet natural ingredients that are highly recommended by dermatologists. Different Kinds Of Eye Creams Anti aging eye creams have different uses. Some are created to lessen or remove the wrinkles that develop under the eyes. Some creams are designed to erase heavy and fluffy lower lids and make the skin look smooth and soft. Some are effective in addressing the dark circles that develop on the eyelids’ lower part. Basic Function Of Anti Aging Eye Creams Basically, these creams address the fluffy […]

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