What you Need to Know Before Going for Your LASIK Surgery – 2024 Guide

There are certain things you should know before and after undergoing a LASIK surgery, for example, you should take a break from sporting activities, and there is also LASIK aftercare that you should adhere to! Here are some of the important things you should know before going for LASIK surgery!

You need to take a break from sporting activities after a LASIK surgery

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This is very important, especially if you had undergoes laser vision correction surgeries that involve the creation of corneal flap such as LASIK. You have to take a break from sporting activities after this surgery. Usually, you need to wait for a few weeks before resuming sporting activities, water sports included! Check with your doctor at the exact time you have to wait before you can resume your sporting activities!

Also, if you are into active contact sports such as martial arts, soccer, or basketball, LASIK might not be the best choice for you. This is because the corneal flap that was created during the surgery will pose a risk of it being dislodged when you got hit around the eye. If you are a sports enthusiast, another type of laser vision correction that does not involve the creation of external corneal flaps such as ReLEx SMILE or TransPRK might be more suitable for you.

If you would like to learn more about the popular options of laser vision correction surgeries such as LASIK, TransPRK, epi-LASIK and ReLEx SMILE, you can read here!

You will also need to stay away from water sports, like swimming, diving, and even sauna. Your goal is to protect your eyes that are still healing from water and all the bacteria that comes with it. This is all to ensure that your healing process goes well and there’s no complication to your eyes.

You need to be aware of the limitation of LASIK

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Even though LASIK is a popular laser eye surgery to correct your eye’s refractive error, it has its own limitations. For example, LASIK cannot correct presbyopia, which is a common eye condition that is caused by your natural aging process. Presbyopia most likely won’t appear until someone reaches their 40s or beyond, but having a LASIK surgery prior to this stage won’t stop your eyes from aging.

You need to follow LASIK surgery’s aftercare strictly.

Don’t treat your LASIK recovery lightly. It’s important that you stick to the guidelines provided by your doctor. Following your surgery’s aftercare will ensure that you don’t experience complications and no complications mean optimal result. Infections and complications could lead to the loss of your optimal corrected vision. You surely don’t want this to happen. You want a successful LASIK surgery and a successful recovery. So, take careful notes and don’t compromise.

What happened if I cry after LASIK?

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Not to worry, you can cry after this surgery. This is one of the wonderful things about LASIK. It is one of the safest vision correction surgery. Even though there are possible risks and complications, testimonies from LASIK patients over the years have shown that these side effects are mild, and the success rates are still very high.

In terms of crying, it is safe to cry because producing tears is actually natural for the eyes. It is healthy for the eyes to produce tears because it helps lubricate the eyes. When the eyes are well lubricated with natural tears, it helps reduce sensitivity and irritation. So, if you need to cry after your LASIK surgery, don’t be afraid. However, do not rub your eyes after crying and be very gentle as you wipe your tears. But other than that, it is okay for you to cry.

Can I sleep on my side after Lasik?

Yes, you can sleep on your side after the surgery. However, you cannot sleep without your eye shield. You have to wear your eye shield for at least a week. The danger isn’t in your sleeping position, but the danger lies in the possibility of you rubbing your eyes while you are sleeping. With your eye shield, even if you attempt to rub your eyes out of reflex, you won’t be able to touch your eyes because you already have your eye shield on.

Is it ok to shower after LASIK?

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Yes, you can, but you have to be careful not to get any soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, the bathwater or other liquid into your eyes. The thing is, your eyes will still be very sensitive after the surgery, so you don’t want to get any chemicals into your eyes. You don’t want to rub your eyes or introduce bacteria into the eyes. You will also need to make sure that you don’t spray water straight into your eyes

because that will be dangerous for the corneal flap that hasn’t fully healed. Shower normally, but gently, making sure you place extra protection to your eyes.

Can I drink alcohol before and after LASIK?

Drinking alcohol isn’t recommended at all prior to a LASIK surgery. However, it is also not recommended during the initial recovery stages of surgery. Your eye surgeon will advise you to skip alcohol for a while because alcohol has a tendency to cause dry eyes. When you’re in recovery, dry eyes is not a good thing because dry eyes are uncomfortable and will make you want to rub your eyes.

Alcohol might also affect the medications that you have to consume during recovery. Because your goal is to have a smooth and successful recovery, try to stay away from alcoholic drinks for at least seven days after surgery. Focus on your long term goal and do whatever you can to have a successful LASIK recovery. Think about how good your vision will be after your full healing. It will be worth it, even if it means not drinking alcohol for a while at the beginning.

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Final thoughts

Congratulations on taking the first step to really understanding what LASIK is and what you can expect out of this surgery! Getting LASIK surgery is not a small decision. It’s something that requires thoughtful consideration before going ahead. You’re definitely on the right track.

Don’t stop here and read more articles. Ask your friends and family who have gone through a vision correction surgery. Ask your doctor during consultations, so you get a more detailed picture of what you’re getting yourself into. LASIK is such a great alternative to get the best possible vision without wearing lenses and glasses.

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