Breast Lift in Atlanta Tips and Guide

Your mastopexy or breast lift surgery is one that relies on several factors, including your personal pain threshold and whether or not your surgery will be a stand-alone procedure. Your breast lift in Atlanta recovery has to be a more involved phase, for example, if you had other surgical procedures such as implants and augmentation, a breast lift with augmentation or a reduction procedure is possible to perform at the same time. Your surgeon has to go over the details of your specific surgery as well as the recovery phase with you during your consultation visit and your preoperative appointments. You should know that a breast lift is a medical, cosmetic procedure that reshapes and lifts the breasts that have lost their firmness and shape because of pregnancy, aging or nursing. In order to manage your recovery time and minimize the risks of your breast lift, you can try numerous steps both post-op and pre-op. It is advisable that you take some time to familiarize yourself with them and discuss with your surgeons before the procedure. Incision Care during the Recovery After your surgery, Crispin Plastic Surgery exerts will apply bandages to the incisions. This keeps the incisions dry until […]

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