Global State Of COVID-19 In 2024 and What Northshore Clinical Labs Is Doing to Provide Support

Since the annunciation of the first coronavirus infection in December 2019, statistics indicate that confirmed cases have reached 476,374,234 globally. Also, over 6,108,976 people have lost their lives through Coronavirus as of March 25, 2024. Over 200 countries and territories worldwide have since been affected, and almost everyone felt the impacts of the virus. Thankfully, world governments and healthcare professionals have done everything to ensure the virus remains under control. Private organizations and clinics like Northshore Clinical labs are not lagging in the fight. Here’s what’s going on in the scope of COVID-19 infections and what Northshore Clinical labs is doing to support the population amidst the pandemics evolution. What is the State of the Coronavirus as of March 2024? COVID-19 has been a great scare with the death toll at 6.1 million worldwide as of March 2024. The statistics aren’t just scary, but a prominent call to everyone that the world still requires more vigilance as the virus has proven its mutation ability and has kept outgrowing measures by arriving in more variants. The latest variant, Omicron, hasn’t spared lives either. It’s effortless to note from statistics that the reports of new infections and death cases have sharply escalated since the World […]

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World Blood Donor Day 2017 : What Can You Do ?

world blood donor day 2017

So it’s 14th of June, 2017…..The World Blood Donor Day 2017. On World Blood Donor Day, The World Health Organization is emphasizing the role that every individual can play in preparing for the next unforeseen emergency by giving blood now. A lot of us hear the word “blood” and already get queasy. But then I think it is really important that we understood the concept behind the World Blood Donor Day. The celebration started in the year 2004 to thank and celebrate blood donors around the world. With all the advancement made in modern medicine, there still isn’t a perfect substitute for blood in the transfusion process. For this reason, you can probably view the donors as heroes. Around the world, it is still seen that people die from excessive bleeding. Post partum hemorrhage (bleeding) is the leading cause of maternal mortality. The truth is, you can never know how much of a difference it will make in someone’s life, which is why we are all advised to donate blood how often we can. However, here are a few other things to know before going to donate blood ; Maintain a diet rich in iron by eating foods such as red meat, poultry […]

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