Why it’s Impossible to Get Rid of Eye Bags (Without Surgery)

Eye bag surgery

Cosmetic Surgery – Now at its Highest Peak Every year, the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) releases the latest statistics regarding the impact of Cosmetic Surgery across the UK. In 2015, a record number of over 51,000 people in the UK underwent cosmetic surgery; highlighting society’s ever-increasing desire to enhance their appearance. Consequently, BAAPS in their 2016 survey discovered that the total number of cosmetic procedures grew a startling 13% during 2014 – again, emphasizing the influx of people desiring aesthetic improvements. While cosmetic products remain extremely popular, it’s interesting to note how many people are now opting for the surgical route. Like many other women, I am not invulnerable to the aesthetic imperfections that come with ageing. As women, we are desperately seeking cosmetic products that will help us cling to our remaining youthful skin. Unfortunately, such products can only help for so long. Consequently, many people are looking for a more permanent fix, specifically in the shape of surgery. Advice from a World-renowned Plastic Surgeon Fortunately, I am in a position with access to one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr Baljit Dheansa, who’s currently based at The McIndoe Centre (West Sussex). According to […]

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Top 5 Tips You Must Consider When Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Prescription Glasses Online

The world of online shopping is booming in recent times, where most people prefer to buy their shopping items online instead of physical stores, as it offers convenience from the comfort of one’s home. With just a few clicks away, the whole world of shopping is at one’s fingertips. Even items like prescription glasses are being bought online simply because of the ease of availability and the variety of options to choose from. However, if you are looking to buy prescription glasses online. Here are a few tips you must follow: 1. Try Your Frames Virtually Most of the best eyeglasses websites nowadays allow their customers to try on different eyeglasses online. All you have to do is, upload a picture of yourself and trying on the different styles of frames to pick the best one for you. It is best to avoid opting for glasses which you cannot try out through this virtual mirror, as you can never be sure how the frames will look on your face after they have arrived. 2. Keep Your Prescription Handy When looking for prescription glasses online, it is advisable to get a recent eye check up done and keep your prescription handy with you. […]

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3 Signs Your Eye Problems May Actually Be Cataracts

Vision problems are common in today’s electronic world. Dry eye problems, eye fatigue and vision disturbances can occur intermittently, or can be an ongoing issue. These problems can disrupt your ability to do work tasks, enjoy recreational activities or prevent you from engaging in your favorite hobbies. If you are over the age of 60, the risk of developing cataracts increases. Here’s how to determine if your vision problem is just fatigue or overuse, or a sign of increasing cataract development. 1 – Cloudy Images You may begin to notice that images appear a bit cloudier than normal. The edges may not be as sharp and well-defined as they once were. You may think that your eyeglass prescription needs changing, because of constant blurriness of images. These are signs that the growth of cataracts may have reached a point in which they impede normal vision. A visit to a vision professional, such as Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S., can determine if the underlying problems is cataracts that are causing the cloudiness. 2 – Problems with Night Vision A common problem of aging eyes is less accurate vision during the night hours. You may find that driving is much more difficult […]

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Post-LASIK Care is Vital – Here’s What to Do & How


Lasik is an important eye procedure which is used to treat minor eye ailments like myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. It is an almost painless corrective measure that immediately cures such eye problems. Over 95% of the LASIK procedures have been reported to have positive results. This is a simple measure so neither many precautions are required for it nor does it have any side effects. However, the eye is a very sensitive organ of our body and so there are a set of measures that need to be followed after the surgery in order to avoid any complications. LASIK can cause mild discomfort in the patients as they may experience tearing, a foreign body sensation in the eye or irritated eyes. To avoid such problems, doctors usually suggest a few aftercare measures that you must follow to prevent any discomfort or infection in the eyes. Here are a few important post-LASIK measures that you are expected to follow religiously: Completely avoid scratching your eyes. After the surgery, the cornea of your eye becomes a little delicate. Even mild scratching can cause damage. This sensitivity usually lasts for three to four days only. So be extra careful and avoid scratching your […]

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Signs You Need To Go For An Eye Exam

eye exam

You might not think so, but you might not know all of the signs that you need to go for an eye exam. There are many signs that can tell you that it’s time, and we’re going to go through them for you below. A good rule of thumb, however, is that if you think your vision is changing at all, then you probably need an examination, so should go get checked. Frequent headaches, eye pain, or eye fatigue are all signs that you should watch for. Eye strain can be the cause of headaches, even if it doesn’t seem to be related so it should be checked as it is often the first sign of eye problems. If you have eye pain that lasts more than a few days, you should schedule an exam to make sure it isn’t due to a potentially serious health condition. Eye pain, redness, dry eyes, itchy eyes, and discharge can also be a trigger that and you have an eye infection. An eye doctor can catch this in time so that it doesn’t become worse and starts affecting your vision permanently, so it is always best to schedule an exam if you think […]

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