Dry Eye Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

dry eyes

Overview When there is a lack of enough lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eyes, dry eyes syndrome is caused. In simple words, dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes don’t make sufficient tears, or when the tears evaporate too quickly, which often leads to the eyes drying out and becoming red and swollen. Recently, the dry eye syndrome is widely prevalent among all age groups. In America alone, more than 26 million people suffer from dry eyes, and this number is likely to increase in the coming years. The dry eyes syndrome is likely to affect twice as many women as men. It is more common with older age as when we age, we tend to produce fewer tears. Dry eye syndrome can also affect animals. It can affect one or both the eyes.   Symptoms Before discussing the various causes and preventive measures of dry eye syndrome, let us delve into the symptoms of this syndrome. Gaining a better understanding of its symptoms will help us in employing the correct preventive measures. Below mentioned are some of the most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome: Redness and irritation in the eyes Burning sensation and soreness in […]

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Different Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is mainly a group of eye disease and quite misunderstood one as well. Sometimes people are unable to realize the severity as it has no symptoms. Some of the facts about Glaucoma are; 10% of all the people who get Glaucoma treatment, unfortunately, still get their vision lost. This disease can only be treated, if detected in the initial stages. Otherwise, there is no way to cure Glaucoma. Whether its babies or senior citizens, both are at risk of Glaucoma. Older people are more likely to get affected by this disease. Glaucoma cannot be detected without any eye examination since it has no symptoms. Perhaps that’s the reason of why it’s known to be amongst the leading causes of blindness. Since Glaucoma itself is a group of diseases, there are several types of Glaucoma Disease, of which, let’s check out the major ones; Open Angle Glaucoma: This is the most common form of Glaucoma that is found in most of the affected people. In fact, 90% of all the Glaucoma cases lie under the umbrella of Open-Angle Type. It is mainly caused by the slow clogging in the drainage canals, which results in increasing eye pressure. People suffering from […]

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6 Eye Exercises for Better Eyesight

Being fit doesn’t only mean having a great body shape and toned muscles. Maintaining a fit lifestyle also includes having a healthy vision that comes with proper diet and daily exercise.   Same with the body, what could help in maintaining a good vision is exercising the eyes to strengthen eye muscles, improve eye focus, ease eye movements, and stimulate the brain’s vision center.   Eye exercises don’t actually guarantee a cure for eye problems. However, it can be of big help to prevent the worst that could happen to your eyes, as well as maintain your current eyesight level.  Here are some basic exercises that you could do to improve your vision. 1. Blinking   Having dry eyes may lead to blurry vision. But, you can avoid suffering from such by simply lubricating your eyes through blinking.   While blinking seems to be as simple as opening and closing your eyes for some time, this exercise actually helps in keeping your eyes fresh and maintaining your eye focus longer.   Simply sit comfortably with your eyes open, and blink around 10 times quickly. Afterward, close your eyes, relax for 20 seconds, and observe proper breathing. Repeat this 5 times. […]

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Some Extended Benefits Of Eye Tests Worth Knowing

“Eye exams go beyond just the usual vision-related issues, therefore, businesses should be encouraged to provide a good eye-care policy for all employees” Occupational eye-care has long been a crucial and integral part of health industry holding global acceptance as well as far-reaching implications. As a result, a comprehensive eye examination can now be included in many occupational eye-care schemes with greater benefits. Groundbreaking and innovative technology allow even the most qualified optometrists to view rear part of the eye, retina and take digital images for a thorough and better treatment. This is the only portion of the body where microcirculation of the blood can be observed directly thus revealing signs of various eye diseases and greater health problems. Fundus cameras or digital retinal cameras in simple terms allow opticians to view and capture high-quality images of the retina for further study and comparison over time. When having an eye test particularly, more or less all eye hospitals utilise the latest display screen equipment for in-depth examination for better treatment. Who can benefit? According to the 1992 Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, employees using VDUs (Visual Display Units) are good to have their eyes tested as well as […]

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How are diabetes & blurry vision linked?

Blurry vision is the inability to see fine details or a hazy view. Another way of describing is things with less sharpness or objects usually appear out-of-focus. This blurriness can be obvious or subtle and may happen anytime throughout the day depending on surrounding factors as well as personal health. Medical research also concluded that diabetes also causes vagueness for various reasons resulting in both short and long-term complications. How does diabetes affect eyes? If someone’s facing long-term and uncontrolled diabetes, blood sugar level would eventually rise causing certain damage to blood vessels. This damage further raises the risk of retinal degradation which is the basis of blurry vision. There’re many different causes of short-term haziness in individuals having diabetes. The fluid shifts in and out of the eye due to higher blood sugar level swells the eye lens. This gradual shape change results in a cloudy view as the lens is unable to focus light properly on beck of the eye. The problem can be resolved once the blood sugar levels are lowered. As we speak, you can exploit the latest equipment for an eye test in Abu Dhabi. Various hospitals in the region harness the latest eye care […]

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