What Are Tear Trough Fillers And How Long Do They Last

When beauty is in question, we all do what we can to keep it for as long as we can. Ageing is something we can’t do anything about and we all will age, but the fun thing is that someone can age a lot finer than others.

Ageing is an integral part of our lives and most of us try to at least slow it down as much as possible since we cannot stop it fully. We all have different perspectives on ageing and some of us take it a lot more open-minded while some simply don’t like it and will do anything to postpone it as much as possible.

Enter the beauty market and all of their lotions, cremes, gels and whatnot that is supposed to help slow down ageing, revitalise and re-energize your skin and certain body parts. After that there are more vigorous things, we do to stay beautiful and those are surgical and non-invasive procedures that help from there. Plastic surgery, Botox and other things are used to either correct or better your looks in certain areas, but what if the area you are most interested in can be done this way?! What then?

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There is an answer for that as well. One of the most troubling areas for all of us is the space below our eyes and it is the one that is most sensitive and has to be approached with utmost care. Tear Trough Filler are the answer for areas beneath your eyes and today we will tell you about it.

As we already established ageing brings us plenty of issues when it comes to looking beautiful. Unfortunately, our face is the first thing anyone notices and what they notice is usually the wrinkles and dark spots beneath the eyes. Wrinkles can easily be attacked and dealt with but when it comes to the area around our eyes the things get a little fiddly. Thanks to ageing we can get what is called a sinking of the lower eyelids.

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That state can also be hereditary where you might have a sunken eyeball earlier in life than other people, it can be caused by trauma that you had in the past and so on. We will attack ageing as a factor and we will try to explain to you that when you get older your eyelids get longer and that is all due to your face and skin moving according to your age. The facial midface tissues fall downward and the lower eyelids get longer. This is basically how you easily can tell that someone is over the age of 45.

Now when you find yourself with an issue like this and when you would like to stay looking young as much as possible you turn to professionals and specialists that can deal with that problem. They will solve those issues with fillers that are specially designed to hide that ageing process. Now two issues can arouse here if you are wondering if you are a candidate for tear through fillers. You may age a bit quicker than others which means that you might have a fat deposit bulging in the lower eyelid creating the situation where you have valley than fat bulging than valley again and then the bone. This is the situation where a doctor will primarily advise you to get that fat removed instead of adding the filler. If you do not have that type of problem then you can have this tear trough filler procedure, where you will naturally fill that valley the time has created.

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If you are a candidate for the procedure you have to know that the under-eye filler is usually a hyaluronic acid which is a gel-like substance. You also have to know that this acid comes in different forms and chemical structures. The type of this filler that will be chosen is up to your doctor who will decide between the thicker or a less viscose one, it all depends on you and your situation. The amounts you will be injected vary as well because some of the specialists do not like to give you everything in one go and you will probably come in several times to get injected a bit of that filler over time to best conceal the presence of that filler. This means that you will gradually be added filler from the bone up until it all looks natural. It will noticeably lift everything and allow your skin to come through instead of the filler being so visible.

We mentioned several times that you have to know what you are a candidate for, filler or fat globs removal, but there are also those of you that will not be able to be subject to this procedure because of allergies, complications or other things. As information hyaluronic acid is a very good and neutral substance and rarely there is anyone who is allergic to it. It is a good thing to do blood tests just to make sure you exclude everything and that you come with a clean bill of health, but you will consult with the doctor that is doing the procedure first.

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As for the duration, depending on you, the type of filler used you can expect it to last up to a year. What you will hear from your doctor is that you should evaluate the situation at around a ten-month period where you will check to see if you need more or not. the fact is that we are all specific and some of us burn that filler a little faster than others, hence the need to check things up a little earlier than the full year.

In a conclusion, we want to tell you that although this treatment is sensitive, and the area it focuses on is more than important and sensitive, you have nothing to worry about. It is not high risk, it will not harm you and you will see no side effects of this at all. This is all given that you find yourself a real doctor and a specialist for these things. Although it is a simple thing not everyone can and should do this. Chose a board-certified doctor that is either a dermatologist with a lot of experience, a plastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon. These are your options and do not let anyone tell you that you don’t need these and that anyone can do this. Stick to professionals with a lot of experience in this or any other similar treatment.

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