9 Most Common Dental Emergencies – 2024 Guide

It seems very odd when you feel some inconvenience in your mouth. It is quite difficult to examine your mouth by yourself. As well as, you can’t judge what the problem with you is. If you realize any disturbance, you need to make an emergency call at dental 911. You can get the best dental service in a dental emergency. Until you don’t get the doctor, you need to use some home remedies to alleviate your pain temporarily. Indeed, any kind of dental emergency is a fact and it comes without warning. That’s why it is very essential to prepare you for any emergency and find a local dentist beforehand. As well as, it is necessary to deal with dental emergencies properly to lessen the complications and save your life.

Additionally, you can just a single call away to receive dental emergency in pandemic Covid-19. In this situation, people have become more conscious about their health and want to get dental services with SOP. If you any kind of trouble in your mouth, call your local doctor first and make an appointment immediately.

To make you understand better, here are some common dental emergencies are given below:

1. Injured mouth

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Sometimes it happens that you have an accident or you’ve fallen and you have your mouth injured. In this case, might be you lose your teeth. This is a very adverse situation and you need to contact your dentist immediately. Unfortunately, you can also get some more complexes such as the broken jaw, bleeding from the mouth, and many others. So don’t be late and get your dental doctor right away.

Mouth injuries could be more serious and life-threatening. You need to treat it in an emergency before making it more serious and hazardous.

2. Infections

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It is a reality that your mouth also becomes infected due to several reasons, the same as other parts of the body. Infection in the mouth is a very serious problem and you need to get treatment in an emergency. Infection discriminates that you have some severe problems. Temporarily, you can take some medicines to reduce the pain but it is not for a long time. The best advice is to call your dentist immediately and get services.

3. Pain

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Pain or discomfort in your mouth also considers as the dental emergency. Many reasons can become the cause of severe pain in the mouth. It seems difficult for us to identify the reason for pain and discomfort. It’s better to go for an emergency dental clinic rather than finding the reason of pain by yourself. You can take just a simple pain killer to reduce the pain, but you need to call your dentist first.

4. Bleeding

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If you observe the bleeding in the Oral cavity, you need to take it seriously. Mostly, blood from dental floss becomes the cause of gum disease or gingivitis. It is essential to examine this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can become more complex and hazardous, because it’s not normal. Sometimes, bleeding in saliva also denotes the early signs of cancer. So don’t consider it light and visit your dentist sooner.

5. Tooth sensitivity

It has observed that many people have a sensitivity to extreme temperatures. They feel more sensation as compared to other people. Whenever they ingest extreme cold, or hot, they feel sensations. It could be something serious if you’ll not examine it on time. Don’t take any risk and visit your dentist as soon as possible. Moreover, you also need to consult your doctor to buy medicated toothpaste. These are also very helpful to reduce your sensitivity.

6. Abscessed Tooth

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An abscessed tooth is considered a severe life-threatening condition. In this condition, the pocket of pus becomes the reason for the infection. You can feel high fever, the sensitivity of hot and cold, and persistent toothache. The symptoms of abscessed tooth infection vary from person to person. Many people face the problems of tender lymph nodes in the neck and swelling in the face due to infected teeth. This problem needs to be treated in an emergency because it can expand into jaws. As well as, it can also affect the surrounding tissues and other parts of the body.

You need to make an emergency appointment from a local dental clinic. Before visiting the doctor, you need to rinse your mouth with saltwater that helps a lot to reduce pain temporarily. But it is not the permanent treatment of abscessed tooth. You require visiting your doctor immediately.

7. Tooth out of alignment

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If you think that you are having some tooth alignment problem, you need to call your dentist in an emergency. It is a very serious problem and you require treating it appropriately. Your dentist will splint the tool and make it stabilize. You need to get the services from your dentist in an emergency.

8. Cracked, chipped or fractured teeth

If you are noticing any chipped tooth, but it doesn’t give any trouble to you, then you don’t need any emergency treatment. But you need to be careful while chewing because the chip can be enhanced. You feel any trouble, then you need an emergency appointment because the dentist will repair the tooth with filling material.

9. Tissue injury and facial pain

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Many people face some serious mouth injuries, and it can be treated by a dental emergency. These injuries could be puncture wounds, mouth and tongue, and many others. Unfortunately, if you’re having and tissue injury, you need to make an emergency call to the dentist. Remember! you have to clean the affected area with warm water until you don’t get the dental services. An oral surgeon can help you to deal with all tissue injuries and facial pain.


To gather all the information, it is essential to find the dentist in an emergency. Any problem related to the teeth needs to be treated urgently. Any infection in your mouth is very harmful and life-threatening. You have to treat any dental problem in an emergency and also make an urgent call to the local doctor. An emergency is not a warning situation so you need to be prepared beforehand.

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