Diffuser vs Humidifier – Pros, Cons and Differences

diffuser vs humidifier

Pleasant smell plays a vital role in our health & especially in our mood management. It can make our days more beautiful and eliminates stress. To spread a pleasant scent and essential oils in your home, you can go for a diffuser or a humidifier or may be both! Get to know the pros, cons and differences between diffuser and humidifier in this article.

Don’t we all just love a soothing aromatic effect in our homes, when we come from a busy day at work and come home tired and all sleepy, a fresh breeze of a beautiful scent gives our body a relaxing & refreshing touch.

Most of the time, people get confused in understanding the concept of these both useful products. So, let’s start by defining both terms and their pros and cons.


A diffuser disperses essential oils into the air as a fine vapor so that it can be gently absorbed into the body through our respiratory system. Various different kinds of essential oils can be used for a preferred soothing effect in the diffuser together to create a pleasant aroma along with several therapeutic benefits.

diffuser vs humidifier

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types but the main four types of essential oils used in diffusers are nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat and evaporative. They are intended to vaporize a fine mist to aromatize the environment or room area using different essential oils with a cooling effect.


  • Diffusers are great for enhancing the mood for people present in the room
  • It also works good in purifying the air in the room
  • It gives a soothing effect to your body when the oil diffuses from the device
  • This device also reduces bacteria and fungus present in the room that can trigger numerous health issues
  • It works as a relaxing agent for both mind & body, enriching your energy level


  • Some models are costly that has advanced options
  • Some diffuser sets come with a light that can disturb while sleeping
  • Some models are noisy and make a sound while working


A humidifier basically maintains a fine level of moisture in the room. In the rough seasons, moisture is needed more such as in dry climate or when the heat is unbearable such as in the summer or autumn. People tend to have more health issues when the weather is dry and hot which can also cause skin dryness, bacterial infections and other viral problems.

diffuser vs humidifier

People also use humidifiers to treat the symptoms of flu, cold and sinus congestion. Usually, humidifiers do not support essential oils because some of those materials can damage the components of the device.


  • It reduces dry air and adds moisture to the environment
  • It is found beneficial in sinus problems, sore throat, cough, and dry skin
  • Fast relief for people suffering from asthma and certain allergies
  • It also aids in lessens snoring
  • It provides moisture which prevents wood furniture from cracking


  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning is required
  • Some model of humidifier boils water inside which can be dangerous for infants and pets

In the end, the main thing depends on your needs both devices have different useful functions. But, if you are in a fix then opt for a separate diffuser or humidifier or there is another option of purchasing a diffuser that operates in both ways like as a diffuser and a humidifier. You can buy all sort of appliances at a reasonable price by using TopVouchersCode.co.uk services. The latest model now can be used a multi-purpose diffuser which can diffuse and humidify as well which is basically a huge plus point when you want to get all the benefits from a single device.

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