9 Ways You Can Help Your Child Overcome Depression

Kids have depression too. Even toddlers go through a massive amount of depression sometimes. Depression is an often-ignored issue in the society we live. Depression is a serious societal issue that sees no difference in the elderly, adults and children.

Causes of Depression in Children

There are various risks factors that might cause depression in children such as stress, abuse, loss of a parent(s) or sibling(s), pain, natural disasters, poor performance in school, health complications, and lack of attention from parents. The causes of depression may be more in numbers in case of children, as they are really not able to put their feelings in words in front of others.

Symptoms of Depression in Kids

Childhood depression is often labeled as a serious condition which is way different from normal blues and everyday behavioral changes. Noticeably, not every sad behavior of your child is depression. However, if this unexpected version of your kids continues, it is time to take serious action and help your child fight this phase of life. Here are some of the signs of depression that a parent should be vigilant of:

  • Irritability
  • Continuous sadness or crying
  • Weakness
  • Deteriorating health
  • Social withdrawal
  • Reduced interest in studies
  • Lack of interest in food and sleep
  • Pain or fever that doesn’t goes away with medication
  • Being suicidal

As your kids age, their psychology doesn’t demand you to act like a guardian or a strict figure that tells them what to do and what not to. All they need is your support. That is what the role of a parent should be for a maturing child. You should always be ready to counsel your kids regarding their problems. Most parents fail to understand this very basic and that’s when they start losing their child.

“Remember, when your kids are not happy, the entire family is not!”

Here are 9 ways you could help your kid overcome depression

#1. Listen to your child

As I said earlier in this article that, most children find it difficult to explain their problems. Here, it becomes suggestible for parents to listen and analyze what their kids are trying to put forward through their words and gestures.

This is the only way you will be able to figure what’s wrong.

#2. Stop lecturing

If your dear is behaving differently since last few days, you should never yell or lecture him/her over this. What best you can do is to listen to their problems and offer them few pieces of advice.

Preaching kids worsens their depression which might complicate many a things for parents.

#3. Be gentle

Being gentle is challenging, especially for kids who have been behaving awkwardly due to depression. However, if you want to help your child overcome the feeling of hopelessness, you will need to discuss the matter calmly and carefully.

#4. Show you really care

Among many reasons behind children’s depression could be parents’ carelessness. To make your child feel better, you need to show you care when you talk to them about their problems.

Show you mean it!

#5. Don’t overreact listening to their silly problems.

The worriments of a kid may sometimes be irritating, silly and nonsensical. But, that doesn’t mean the parent should make fun of it and scold or hit the child. It would rather be better to acknowledge your kid’s problem and give him/her an assurance to look into it.

When the time is right, the parents should clarify and make their kids aware of the pragmatism of their impractical, provocative, and babyish imaginations.

#6. Speak to their friends

If your son or daughter tells you that he or she does not have any problem and fails to offer an explanation behind their familial and social isolation, you can trying having a word with his/her classmates and close circles.

They might have an answer to your question regarding your son or daughter.

#7. Encourage them to socialize

This will allow him/her to learn various aspects of the society. In the beginning, if your kid hesitates, you can go along to the parks, morning and evening walks, and other social gatherings.

Gradually, your child will start socializing.

#8. Give time to your kids

Make time for your kids. They need it always from their parents. If you wouldn’t do this, they might find shelter in wrongdoings. As a parent, it is important for you to take your time out and be with your kids.

Do whatever you can to keep your son or daughter stay connected with other.

#9. Encourage healthy living

Spending too much time with today’s technological advancements also is a cause of depression in kids, teens and even adults. This could be the perfect time to take an initiative and set an example for your kids by limiting your onscreen activities. This will be quite encouraging for them.

When you limit or escape your bad habits, you make a move towards a better and healthier lifestyle. Apparently, healthy lifestyle is the key to a stress free life!

Make sure that your kids are getting nutritious and balanced meals, in addition to plenty of sleep – both helps one combat depression. Ensuring healthy lifestyle for your kids will allow you to keep them from a number of associated mental health disorders.


Even if a kid claims that he or she is all right or nothing is wrong, but does not give an explanation for his or her behavioral changes, the parent should book an appointment with a mental health counselor or psychiatrist that specializes in child or teen counseling.

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