Dealing With Emotions in Custody Mediation: Tips for Managing Stress and Conflict

Stress management is the need of the hour- workplace stress or something more tensive like meditation. With great research in the psychological fields and a better understanding of the human mind, there has been a surge in the development of methods for coping with emotional turmoil. A significant proportion of stress affecting the human mind is related to interpersonal conflicts in the family, at the workplace, etc. Things can get tense and anxious when it comes to stressful situations like divorce or custody mediation. Such situations can create a stressful atmosphere, requiring you to follow an effective coping mechanism that keeps you sane throughout the process. It is rather difficult dealing with divorce and mediation with a narcissist, let alone suffering heartbreak. Ask any mediators whose job is to deal with such conflicts; they will guarantee you an emotional turmoil that tags along in the long process. When preparing for custody mediation with a narcissist, you may experience several emotions but you can certainly take steps to control them. And sending long abusive texts is not the way to vent your feelings. For custody mediation, you need to prepare yourself and understand some tips that will help you keep your emotions […]

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7 Ways to Strengthen and Support Children’s Positive Mental Health

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For kids to grow up happy and healthy mental health is as important as physical. And this is often overlooked. Mental health means having a healthy mind and body and being able to see things around us as are, it influences our perception of the world and ourselves. Kids are exposed to different types of emotions both at home and at school, even at the playground, from happiness to frustration and disappointment and teaching them how to cope with them in the right way is absolutely essential for helping them, maintain positive mental health. Help them understand it is not permanent Kids who experience bad emotions for the first time, like sadness, frustration or anger tend to feel overwhelmed by them and are not capable of understanding that is just a temporary state. This is why it is important to talk them through these emotions, explaining that it is temporary. As you know emotional injuries are quite similar to physical ones in the sense that it takes time for them to heel. Teaching your child how to deal with these emotions rather than suppress them is one of the most important lessons. Help them acquire knowledge Through education comes an […]

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