4 Technologies That Can Help Seniors Everyday

As people get older they become less interested in the day to day releases of technology and become focused on things that are more important to them in life, which includes family, children and course your friends.


However, the older we get the more naive we can become when using technology, especially as we believe we no longer need to use it. It isn’t common for seniors to avoid using technology, but isn’t it time they should embrace it?

Embracing technology can help them with their everyday life, which in turn, can help them improve their lives.

Below we’ve listed 4 technologies that can help seniors with their everyday lives.

  1. The TabSafe

Aging causes a number of different things to change with your body, routine and life itself. Medication consumption becomes a regular and in some cases, there are constant deficiencies that will need supplementing one way or another.

Keeping on top of this can be demanding, especially, as you aim to keep more active in the elder stages of life. This is where the TabSafe can benefit the lives of the elderly, which basically assumes the role of a nurse, helping seniors members of your family regain their independence and also helping the shortage in the healthcare department.

2. GrandCare

GrandCare is different to the other devices featured on the list as it based on those who are financially better off. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the investment, with its user friendly, one-touch system that requires you to have no previous computer experience. The GrandCare system is designed to aid senior individuals with independent living so that they don’t feel as though they have lost their independence. It also benefits the family of the loved one, as you can keep in regular contact with video calling, motion sensors and more.

3. FitBit

This may seem like the most obvious on the list, however, the FitBit is basically a personal trainer around your wrist. It monitors your sleep activity, their general movements and helps you aim for achievable targets. It is there to encourage a healthier lifestyle and as you get older the importance on remaining active increases.

4. Television Ears

Television Ears is essentially designed to involve family members with hearing problems. It can be difficult and frustrating when family members are unable to hear the TV and also to get involved. Television Ears is a device that syncs to the TV and the member of the family with hearing problems and allows them to adjust the volume accordingly. It is extremely beneficial for family time, as members of the family no longer feel excluded and feel more involved.


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