4 Safest Ways To Combat Cluster Headaches via Pain Management

Most people around the globe encounter a headache at least once or twice in their life. Many complain they have them regularly. There could be different causes and types of headaches, but the most debilitating types are cluster headaches. If you do not address this excruciatingly painful condition on time, it can turn into a virtual nightmare. Many people are not aware of this type of a headache, the causes, and the treatment. However, if you ever encountered this pain, you must be searching for the best ways to get rid of your cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches, or as their common name “suicide” headaches go are a disconcerting experience. Many people also describe this as unbearable pain that refuses to subside. However, the good news is that through numerous remedies available, including pain management, reversal is possible with little or no damage.

What Happens When You Experience Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headaches have a rare rate of occurrence, affecting about 1% of the population. The statistical record shows that about 85% of men experience it, and 15% of women. Unlike the gradual onset of migraines, their onset is immediate with extreme pain. It goes by the name “cluster” because they occur in multiples; this means it follows a pattern. You feel a headache, relief for some time, headache, relief again, headache, relief, and the cycle repeats. The minimum duration of such pain can be from about 15 minutes to a total of three hours.

People who experience the pain frequently describe it as having a hot poker stuck in the eye. The pain is intense, affecting one eye. Sometimes, it extends to the forehead, neck, cheek area, and head. The affected eye experiences redness, drooping, redness, and tearing. On the same side as the affected eye, the nose may seem stuffy. Vomiting and nausea sometimes result.

To date, there is no precise cause to such aches, but the experience seems to be cyclical just as the time of the year, time, and the day that they present. However, it is common; there can be a lapse of years between the cluster experiences.

Getting Rid of Cluster Headaches

Arguably, cluster headaches come with severe pain that sits behind the eye and the head. The fact that this pain occurs without any warning signs is what makes it even more disconcerting. Some OTC (over the counter) medications are not as effective, considering they need time to act and the symptoms may subside on their own. The first option is to try to identify the cause and then adopt the right preventative measures to ensure the future attacks do not occur. Here are some suggestions on how you can treat cluster headaches.

1.     Visit Chiropractors

A popular option to tackle cluster headaches is to seek the services of experienced chiropractors, such as Kroll Care for quick relief from the symptoms. Such experts can help to modify the course of this debilitating headache and give you quick relief. The role of a chiropractor is not to prescribe medications, but they believe that making the right structural changes is a more effective treatment option.

All chiropractors work on the principle that the spine, made up of multiples bones (or vertebra) has nerves existing between these. When they come between the spine, they compress, leading to the symptoms of cluster headaches. The job of chiropractors is to correct spinal deformities and reverse the symptoms that are commonly associated with such headaches. Once the displace spinal cord gets back to its original alignment using safe maneuvers to correct the compressions and reverse the symptoms.

2.     Sleep Better

Stress is a common cause of cluster headaches. The solution could be just as simple as busting stress through some techniques, including sleep. To get rid of stress, which is also a common cause of cluster headaches is to ensure that you get a minimum of eight hours sleep every night. Studies also show that sleeping less can activate the alert response system in the human body. In return, this leads to increasing stress levels, triggering cluster headaches.

3.     Exercise

Exercising also helps as a stress buster and alleviates or reverses cluster headaches. When you exercise, there is a remarkable increase in the production of endorphin in the body. Endorphin, a chemical helps to increase energy levels in the body, which helps to minimize the symptoms of cluster headaches.

You should try to adapt to moderate exercise as a part of life, and repeat it three times in a week.

4.     Balanced Diet

When it comes to diet, skipping meals is not the solution. It is important that you consume low-fat content, while carbohydrates should be present in high. Turn to vegetables, and fish, which serve as strong anti-inflammatory drugs. Avoid consuming coffee, which in return aggravates cluster headaches. Turn to water as the best fluid to keep your body well hydrated. Also, maintain an ideal body weight. Obesity can also trigger cluster headaches.

The best way to combat cluster headaches is to avoid stress in your life. Follow Best Kratom For Pain Relief and healthy lifestyle and visit a chiropractor near you to get rid of the pain.

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