Interesting Sex Trends You Should Try in 2017

sex trends


It is easy to lose that spark in your love life over time. Things you do tend to get predictable, if not monotonous. This can not only ruin love making but also bring in boredom into the relationship. Sex can be one of the most beautiful aspects of your relationship, but only if you work to spice things up and reignite the flame.

Little wonder then that the demand for natural male enhancement pills has been on the rise. According to the Biomanix reviews on Leading Male Enhancement, the sales of such pills is only likely to increase in the future, with couples wishing to explore the boundaries of their sex life.

Here are a few sex trends every couple should know about and maybe try some of them to revive that spark.

Sex Trends for 2017

  • Bondage: The practice of consensually and lovingly tying, binding and restraining your sexual partner for erotic intercourse has been the most common sexual fantasy, becoming even more so after 50 Shades of Grey hit the theatres. This dangerous and risky act of being tied up can make a person feel incredibly free, as they give the full control to their partner, so that they can focus only on their own feelings.


  • Karezza: How about sex that doesn’t involve a climax? Surprised? Well, Karezza is something like that, where you have sex without having an orgasm. This is a gentle and affectionate form of sex, in which the orgasm is withheld, and focus is given to the sexual act itself. It can be of extreme importance in today’s fast paced world, where people do not have the time to savor experiences to the fullest.


  • 3D-Printed Sex Toys: Ask for it and you’ll have it. High-end sex toys like vibrators were already taking control of the adult toy market but with the evolution of 3-D printing, the world has change, and that too for the good. This is especially true for all romantics who like to use innovative adult toys, which can be perfectly crafted with a 3-D printer.


  • Virtual Reality: Now comes a technology which has caught the imagination of people the world over. For loners, virtual dolls have been made by an American company. These dolls consist of a silicone heath for a man to insert his penis into. At first, this can seem like the perfect product for all those single men to spice up their sex life by strapping on a virtual helmet during the act, as it create an illusion of being close and having sex with an adult star, all thanks to virtual reality.

Other than these trends, the trend of using a sex pill like Biomanix, whose reviews indicate increased penis size, both length and girth, is also growing. If you are looking for a natural male enhancement pill for yourself, visit a reputed review site to know and compare the ingredients, dosage and side-effects of the various options available in the market today to find the supplement that will suit you the best.

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