4 steps to control Food Addiction

You might be thinking that food addiction is similar to any drug addiction but the reality is that food addiction is totally another feeling and it is no way near to any sort of other addictions.

Scientists are yet trying to figure out this disease and they haven’t found any proper answer to it yet but many of them think that food addiction is not associated with the mere food in fact it is all about how a person thinks about food, feels about food, behaves around food and more specifically the eating habits that a person has developed over time are all related to food addiction!

The one very common reason of food addiction is our emotions, you see we have heard it quite a few times now that there are people who start to eat a lot when they are sad or in grief and then there are people too who stop eating at all .

There are times when people get addicted to sugar and sweets too as they associate food with pleasure, this habit develops at a very young age when we start giving sweets and candies to our children as rewards and that way they develop a feeling of pleasure for such things.

If you are also addicted to food and want a quick way out then don’t worry because you are at the right place! Here in this article we will tell you some remedies and steps through which you can control your food addiction.


  • Control Your Emotions

As said earlier, the one thing that triggers a person to get addicted to food is when his or her emotions start to take over him.

So, if you really don’t want to gain weight and stop your food addiction then you somehow have to control you emotions and their effect on your mind and other activities.

Life is full of ups and down but you have to make sure that none of those sad and depressive moments take control over your activities and your thoughts!


  • Set some boundaries

You see, food addiction is all about mind games, remember there is no addictive substance in food in fact it is your mind that perceives food as the ultimate addiction and source of pleasure.

In order to get rid of this you first should set some boundaries specifically for the unsafe food, there are lots and lots of healthy options that you can eat if you feel the urge growing and growing.

So, if your hunger strikes again then next time go for some vegetables or fruits and stay away from fatty and unhealthy junk food! This way you can also lessen your food addiction.


  • Follow a diet plan

If you are having a unhealthy relation with food then make yourself a structured diet plan where you set boundaries on what you can eat and what you cannot.

This way you can trick your brain and lessen the food addiction. For example, make yourself some rules on what you can eat and what is simply a NO for you, like if someone offers you ice cream, you simply have to say NO to it every time and if you have it in your fridge then go straight and remove such fatty items from your place, that way you won’t be able to reach such foods and slowly you will also stop thinking about them! Just follow your diet plan, it will actually help!


  • Consult a professional

Lastly, you need to know that any  type of addiction is dangerous and you just cannot overcome it overnight, you have to put some serious struggle in getting rid of the habit and when it comes to food addiction, remember one thing that you have to stay consistent in your efforts and for that you also should seek help from a professional, go to a dietitian or a therapist and talk it out so that you can get rid of this unhealthy relationship as soon as possible otherwise it can lead you to a number of diseases among which the most common one is “obesity” and we all know the fact that obesity is the mother of all other chronic diseases!

Here is a list of the most addictive food, make sure you stay away from all of them!

Also, you should get yourself checked monthly and ensure that you are not suffering from any other diseases. Buy yourself some medical equipment such as a stethoscope you can buy the best ones here at http://www.stethoscopeguides.com/. Make sure that you are perfectly fit and healthy!

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