Eat These 5 Marvelous Foods and Say ‘Goodbye’ to Arthritis

Through the years, people grow older. And as we grow, our body will experience drastic changes such as the sagging of skin, hairs turning white and of course, the most painful to bear- weakening of bones and joints is Arthritis.

And in today’s world, the common targets of arthritis does not only revolve with our grannies. It became more universal, drastically affecting people of different ages, ethnicities, and gender. The numbers are escalating rapidly but little did we know, the answer to this problem simply needs certain foods to be added to your diet. Here we’ve rounded up the top five foods you must add in your plate to conquer stressful arthritis. Check out the five best anti-inflammatory foods for arthritis which includes the vitamins for joint pain.

Can you really fight the inflammation?

Since our world encountered a lot of innovations, there is a huge variety of treatments available in the market for Arthritis. On the other hand, some people are just simply incapable of availing these several treatments. But even if you can afford the treatment, it will not guarantee you a rapid effect or quick removal of the inflammation.

Aside from the Medicare tips that you can ingest, the everlasting and handy solution to relieve arthritis and joint pain should come from the food you consume daily. After all, what you eat defines the wellness of your body.

When you notice that you are always feeling fatigue, having morning stiffness, joint stiffness, fever, numbness, tingling, and reduction in the range of movement, you should observe it closely and start taking an action because these are the early signs and symptoms of joint pain. But with the help of the best anti-inflammatory foods, you’ll surely get even with painful arthritis.


There’s nothing really fishy when it comes to utilizing fishes in fighting inflammation on your joints. These little scaly creatures contain omega-3 fatty acids. Base from a study, by supplementing your body with this nutrient, it will lessen the swelling and pain you feel whenever those joints start to disrupt you from your work.

Another study which is conducted at the University of Maryland claimed that fishes can lessen joint inflammation, length of stiffness one is experiencing every morning and illness action among individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Typically, you can get the most of its nutrients from herring, scallops, anchovies, salmon, and tunas. On the other hand, if you and these fishes aren’t really compatible, you can try taking fish oil supplements instead because the omega-3 nutrient that you need is already compacted in this.

To satisfy your expectations, it is advised to consume about 6-8 ounces of fish in a week. Of course, the more you eat, the greater a number of nutrients you’ll relish.

 Dairy Products

Whenever we hear something related to your bones and joints, dairy products never miss the list. Majority of the dairy products such as cheese, milk, cream, and butter contains vitamin D- which is a type of nutrient that is already proven to decrease the possibility of having arthritis and of course, it will fight the inflammation caused by arthritis.

Based on a medical study held at Framingham Heart Study, researchers concluded that the components of vitamin D including its tiny serum levels slow the development of arthritis that appears in the contributors’ knees.

It is suggested to consume 400 IU per day for people between 3-18 years old. On the other hand, adults should take 2,000 IU per day to satisfy the needs of your body.

 Citrus Fruits

There is a large scale of benefits offered by citrus fruits. It can cure almost every disease that you might get. Name it- skin discoloration, strengthening the immune system and other illness. All thanks to vitamin C that is present in citrus fruits.  Vitamin C contains antioxidants that decelerate the development of arthritis.

One study in a university in Florida found out that those individuals who ingested higher amounts of vitamin C have smaller chances (around 11%) of dealing with arthritis. Some known citrus fruits that are a great source of vitamin C are limes, oranges, strawberries, and kiwi.

But keep in mind that taking these citrus fruits have limitations. An individual is recommended to consume vitamin C not higher than 85 milligrams. Going overboard might cause other health problems including kidney problems. 

Whole Grains

Whole grains are prominent because of their wonderful benefits in the fitness industry. What most people are unaware of is that whole grains can also help you fight the inflammation. And how? Using the same component in dieting: fiber.

Fiber is a nutrient which is already tested to lower levels of the marker of inflammation in blood- the C reactive protein.

Be reminded that not all grains are a healthy choice. Check if it is “whole grains” and not “refined grains” because the health benefits of the two contradict each other.

Like any typical food that you’ll eat, you just need to get what you need. And that’s around 6 ounces of whole grains each day. Some of the whole grains that you might want to try are kernels, brown rice, cracked wheat, oatmeal, and popcorn.

 Tart Cherries

This sour-tasting, the mini fruit will greatly impact your health positively once you add it to your diet. Tart cherries are well known for its antioxidant and anthocyanin properties. And because it contains anthocyanin, it has aided a large number of people suffering inflammation problems.

In fact, there is a study at Philadelphia VA Medical Center wherein they found out that the people who drunk at least 16-ounces of juiced tart cherries continuously within six weeks showed enhancement with regards to the pain and rigidness they are feeling.

Although a number of tart cherries you need to consume daily to get the anti-inflammatory benefits is still undiscovered, some medical experts still prescribe ingesting an ample amount of cherries or at least a bottle of tart cherry juice each day.


Everyone is vulnerable to inflammation. It won’t ask for your name, age, status or ethnicity. Once you get it, you’ll have to deal with it. Even though the treatments that you can whirl on are countless, it will not promise you everlasting effects. Not unless you maintain your body by supplying the right type and amount of nutrients. The nutrients that you need will be taken from the food supplement Flexoplex which you consume daily. Although there are a lot of foods that can help you, only some of it will greatly impact your health and achieve the comfort that you want. Using these five best anti-inflammatory foods will surely give you a good diet with these foods is the best way to melt arthritis away.

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