Top 8 Ways to Induce Abortion Naturally

There are many ways for self induces abortion, but some of the natural ways which you can try at your home are

  1. Eating cheese in excess is one of the proved natural methods for abortion because cheese contains some bacteria which can lead to natural abortion
  2. During the pregnancy, the most important thing is to maintain fetus in healthy state, because uterus grows daily. So excessive or intense exercise can lead to miscarriages. Doctors do not recommend stress and heavyweight lifting at that time. If you want to do miscarriage, then you have to plan a very severe workout which will be enough to make your body expel the baby.
  3. Papaya is one of the healthy fruit which excites the uterus and lead to miscarriages. Green papaya has oxytocin and prostaglandin enzymes which are the major cause of miscarriage or abortion, in some of the cases drinking the juice of green papaya can cause the process of miscarriages. 
  4. Coffee is one of the most widely used abortion process followed by most of the women. The study showed that by taking only 200mg of caffeine every day, which is almost equal to two cups of coffee. Research showed that excessive intake of caffeine in a day does not guarantee natural abortion. For example if women take more than 500mg of caffeine in a day then the new born baby can have faster heart beat and high breathing rates and if pregnant women take 200mg of caffeine in a day, then it will excite the uterus and lead to abortion. 
  5. Crab is a fruit which is mostly liked by pregnant women, it contains nutrients and high source of calcium. Excessive eating of this fruit may lead to shrink the uterus and cause bleeding or miscarriage. This is one of the major fruit eaten by pregnant women in first three months of their pregnancy to induce abortion. 
  6. Pineapple is one of the leading fruit, which has the abortion one of its major causes. Each pineapple contains some amount of bromelain, which can soften the uterus and destroy the fetus. Drinking the pineapple juice in first three months may lead to contraction in the uterus and lead to natural abortion.
  7. According to a research, Longan has a flavored smell, this fruit can also lead to abortion because when a lady is pregnant then their entire body is hot from inside. This fruit increases the heat inside the body and can cause other side effects like internal bleeding, lower body pain and damages to uterus, which can lead to abortion. 
  8. There is one more way to induce abortion is to increase the intake of vitamin C in body. The most natural choice for that is citrus fruit like limes, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, and kiwifruit. With an increase in the contents of vitamin c will induce the menstrual cycle, as estrogen level increases in body, then contraction in uterine takes place and period starts which lead to abortion.


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