Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

Are you looking for home remedies for poison ivy? Poison ivy, a poisonous shrub growing in most provinces of Canada and in all over US states except Hawaii, California and Alaska, produces an alkaloid called urushiol which is a skin irritant and is harmful especially to individuals who come into direct contact with it. Some of the symptoms of poison ivy include redness, persistent itching, skin rash and blisters. This alkaloid is present in the leaf, stem, root, flowers and fruits. It takes about 12 to 72 hours for symptoms to appear though it could even take a week or so. This makes it tricky to detect particularly in children.

According to scientists, global warming has contributed to lots of poison ivy around implying most people could spend their time itching. However, there are several home remedies for poison ivy which can greatly help in reducing the symptoms. First is using baking soda which has also developed into a common homemade cure. This remedy involves mixing three teaspoons of baking soda with a single teaspoon of water to form a thick paste which you can apply on the rash and allowing it to dry. Another great poison ivy reliever is banana peel. Simply Rub the inside of a peel of banana peel on the rash to relieve instantly.

The most common home remedy for poison ivy is oatmeal. Just mix oatmeal with water then boil normally but stir continuously. Let it thicken and cool before applying on the affected areas. You can allow it to dry then apply more layers. Adding to the mixture one tablespoon will bring additional relief from oozing and itching. Vinegar is also good for poison ivy. Simply sprinkle freely on the blisters or rash to get instant relief from itching. Using white distilled vinegar appears to work best.

There are also some remedies that will work for some people but not everybody. These include washing up liquid and household bleach. The anti-grease agents in washing liquid could help in relieving poison ivy when freely applied from the bottle then washing off with cold water. Household bleach completely eliminates poison ivy within 2 days. Just allow few drops into the affected area. This remedy is preferred by some people since it does not burn, irritate or sting like some of the other remedies. In the past, calamine lotion was also used to help in easing itching and discomfort, though they are ineffective in some cases. Prescribing corticosteroids is recommended for severe cases where a clear fluid oozes from the blisters.

In conclusion, most chemicals used in medicines currently are very risky. That is why dermatologists recommend home remedies for poison ivy. However, quick redness as well as abnormally high swellings are symptoms of allergic reaction to poison ivy, therefore it is advisable to see your physician immediately and don’t try using home remedies.

Obviously, prevention is better than cure so it is important to remain cautious when visiting areas where poison ivy can possibly be found. Carry with you a small bottle of rubbing alcohol for fast treatment. Never use water alone as it will lead to the spread of poison.

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