Ways to Stay Healthy in Summer

We all wait for summers for the entire year, it’s the season of fun and frolic, refreshing drinks, pool parties, family barbeques and various open-air events! But, many times summer heat proves too dangerous for the skin and wellness. We would be discussing in this article, ways to stay healthy in summer. 

Some of the possible sun exposure skin effects could include sunburn, tan lines, fungal infection and many more. Health effects include heat stroke, low blood pressure, and dehydration, a person if too much exposure to harmful sunlight can lose consciousness and experience too much weakness in the body.

Although keeping oneself hydrated comes under summer basics, having the right liquid diet is also essential! Keep yourself hydrated with natural drinks rather than the preservatives packed juices available in the markets.

Follow the tips to stay healthy in the scorching heat

  • No fried routine

Avoid fried food as much as you can! Fried items lead to lethargy and slow down the digestive process. It even makes the skin look unhealthy and acne prone. Replace your fried cravings with sun-dried baked potato snacks.

  • Reduce caffeine

Too much tea and coffee or caffeine drinks may increase urination which leads to water loss and skin dryness. Prefer natural or fruit diffused drinks to maintain body’s healthy balance and keep the skin fresh.

  • Eat light

In most cases, overeating can be the worst enemy of overall wellness. Have a light meal to stay healthy and active throughout the day. Skip heavy deserts and creamy curries which can put a lot of load on the gut, try light meals like fewer oil veggies, salads and curd with every meal.

  • Clothes

Choice of clothes is another point of concern! Ditch the tight fitted clothes and choose the lost ones. Keep a check on the material you’re wearing, it’s essential to wear light-colored cotton or breathable cloth material instead of polyester and viscose.  

  • Avoid sun exposure

Avoid sun exposure during the daytime especially between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm as the UV rays is at the peak during the tenure. Use a sunscreen with SPF 15-30 for making a layer around your sensitive skin, keeping it fresh and sweat control.

  • Maintain hygiene

Maintain a hygiene, bath twice daily to avoid sweat and bacterial infections leading to skin rashes and redness. Mix a cap full of antiseptic liquid for evening bath as it can kill bacteria and keep your skin clean and healthy.

  • Eat breakfast

Imagine the situation when we do not eat for 8 long hours and move out in the scorching heat, we can be a victim of dehydration, sunstroke or weakness as there is no food at all to keep us going active for the day. Always east breakfast in the morning and be healthy & active throughout the day.

  • Avoid over-intoxication

Alcohol, when consumed in the sun, can be harmful, it can dehydrate you causing you to urinate frequently. It does not replenish your water stores, so it’s imperative that you keep on drinking water between alcoholic beverages.

It is advisable to consume alcohol beverages only when at home, prefer having it with a meal as just alcohol consumption can straight hit your gut, slowing down the digestion process.

  • Healthier Barbeques

You love to have a barbeque with your family and its absolute fun! But choosing the right snack may be a better option to stay healthy. Prefer having healthy veggies with lesser oil and spices sprinkled on it! Try grilled chicken pepper options to enjoy the delicious juicy flavor along with raw chicken enhancing your taste buds.  

  • Vacation

Summers are for the beach vacations! Prefer to travel light and have adequate breakfast every morning! Do not cut down on your food intake as traveling can be vigorous and your body needs adequate energy for it! Stock your regular medications from a medicine delivery app and keep a complete first aid kit for further requirement.

Keep your fun mode on this summer and follow the tips to stay healthy.

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