5 Ways to Tempt Your Partner

Do you want to make love but your partner doesn’t seem interested? The difference in sexual desire is common among couples, where either or both partners may lose their interest in sex. However, when this situation persists for long, it could ruin the relationship and even lead to infidelity.

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In addition, here are some tips that can help you arouse your partner for a fulfilling sexual experience.

5 Ways to Get Your Partner in the Mood for Sex

  1. Tightly Hug Your Beloved & Leave: Your wife is cooking dinner. How would you expect her to react if she receives a tight hug from you for no reason for at least 30 seconds? Many scientific studies have shown that hugging your partner produces oxytocin in the brain, which facilitates a sense of desire, connection and trust. Loving your partner for no reason will leave him/her confused, craving for more. This can make them approach you to extend the hug session, and you never know, it could well turn into a love making session.


  1. Touch Them As if By Accident: This is similar to hugging, but will only require your fingers to linger gently on your partner’s body. Gently rubbing their neck, caressing their cheeks, rolling down your fingers down their hand for no reason will excite your partner to a level that no other stimulation can match.


  1. Do Not Have Sex for the First 20 to 30 Minutes: You might be surprised by this tip. When you are trying to get your partner into the mood, why aren’t you not allowing them to touch you erotically? The reason is that when you force yourself to focus more on touching and kissing, it helps stimulate neurotransmitters like dopamine, which arouses your partner to the limit that will spice up the entire sexual act.


  1. Join the Gym with Your Partner: Not only will joining a gym help get in shape, it will make you feel more flexible and energetic during sex. In addition, all that sweating that you do after an intense session will make your body release endorphins, which work to get you into the mood for having sex. Moreover, checking out your partner’s body in their gym clothes will only increase your attraction towards them and vice versa.


  1. Flirt with Others in Front of Your Partner: This is the most effective way to get your partner’s attention, using the feeling of jealousy. Sometimes, in relationships, it is obvious for one partner to take the needs and desires of the other for granted. When they see you happy with others, it will initiate a fear of losing you. As a result, your partner will listen more to what you say and need. However, be cautious, excessive flirting can backfire on your relationship.


Lastly, you can always create a stress-free environment at home, conducive to sex. Keep the top male enhancement supplements ready. Erectzan reviews say that it contains the best ingredients for this, but make sure you check the dosage and side effects before using any pills.

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