3 Ways Technology Is Making Us Healthier Than Ever Before

The world we are living in is changing rapidly, seemingly on a day to day basis. Ever-advancing technology is changing every aspect of our lives, from how we shop to how we work and play, but whilst it can sometimes bring challenges, it certainly brings lots of advantages too. One field in which it’s certainly brought positive results is in perhaps the most important area of them all, our health and fitness.

Here are just three of the ways that technological innovation is making us healthier than ever before.

Health and Fitness Apps

It’s not that long ago that mobile phones were simply for calling your friends or maybe sending a text message, but it seems like a different world. Our smartphones are now powerful computers in their own right, and the app revolution means that they can carry out an astonishing array of tasks.

There are a myriad of health and fitness apps available for Apple and Android devices, and they turn your phone or tablet into a convenient personal trainer. They not only keep track of statistics such as steps taken, and calories burned, they can suggest daily fitness regimes based upon past performance. This provides the motivation which is essential if you want to keep to a new fitness regime, and they also prevent it from becoming boring by allowing you to track and share your progress.

Faster Healing Times

If you’ve ever been injured as a result of a sport or fitness related activity, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, recovery and healing times can be quicker than they’ve ever been thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is regularly used by professional athletes, but it’s becoming more readily available for the everyday citizen too. The injured athlete simply sits in a tank which is filled with pressurised oxygen, and this increases blood flow around the body. It’s been shown to dramatically increase the speed at which the body heals, allowing the athlete to come back from injury and resume their activities, and it can work for other conditions and injuries too including chronic non-healing wounds.

Better Physician Communication

Our healthcare professionals are as dedicated as they have ever been, and whilst technology advances, great communication remains key to their performance. That’s why technology innovators Spok have created a system that improves healthcare communication for physicians, and that brings huge advantages for patients as well.

Their secure communication system improves team coordination and makes it easy to send and receive results. It also allows faster response times to be achieved at the same time as reducing treatment and diagnosis delays, which is great news if you’re admitted to a hospital or medical center.

More effective communication systems for healthcare professionals, rapid healing systems, and exercise regime apps are three of the many ways that technology is transforming our lives. It makes it easier for us to get fit, stay fit, and recover from injury, so it seems certain that as technology advances still further, we’ll become a healthier nation, and that means a happier nation too.

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