Amazing Healthy Teeth Diet for A Better Smile

Eating good can never go wrong. People that keep a check on their eating habits are a lot happier and healthier than those who pay no attention to what they are eating. What we eat not only affects our body and our brain but it also has a huge impact on our teeth. There is a direct relationship between the eating habits and the oral health of the person. In fact, every time someone goes to the dentist for the dental check-up, they do discuss the impact of their diet on their teeth. It is only fair we give enough attention to the mouth as it really requires it.

One major reason why people overlook their dental health is the lack of communication regarding the relationship between the dental health and the overall health. It is probably one reason why people overlook their oral health. But in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to pay attention to the oral health too.

What Food Items You Must Consume and What You Must Avoid for Good Teeth:

#1. Avoid Sugar: This is the most important factor that you must pay attention to and that avoids the consumption of sugar. Excess of sugar can seriously harm the teeth and lead to bacteria attack and later serious dental issues like plaque and even tooth decay. Sugar also has a negative impact on the body and if you can cut down on the sugar, you are doing your body and yourself a huge favor.

#2. Consuming Dairy Based Products: Milk, cheese, yogurt and all the other dairy-based products that are low in sugar are really good for the teeth as well as the body. The dairy products are a rich source of calcium which makes the teeth enamel strong. They even have antibacterial properties and can help wash out the bacteria from the mouth and make it much cleaner.

#3. Apple and Carrots: Apples and carrots are a blessing to the teeth. They are crunchy and require more time in chewing. This makes the mouth move for a longer period. This can help in the jaw movement and stimulate the formation of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is like a protective shield to the mouth and helps in cleaning the mouth and keeping the harmful bacteria away.

Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

#4. Green, Leafy Vegetables: Just like apples and carrots, green and leafy vegetables also act as an exercise for the mouth. They help in the movement of the jaw. They also stimulate the formation of saliva. If the mouth produces enough saliva, it can wash away any harmful bacteria residing in the mouth and keep it clean and away from any danger. Eating broccoli, cabbage and spinach can be a good idea.

#5. Avoid Carbonated Drinks: What good do carbonated drinks do to the body anyway. They are high in sugar and acid and that can seriously harm the teeth. They leave behind the stain which can blacken the teeth over time. They are also highly acidic, which means too much consumption of it can tear off the enamel and make our mouth more vulnerable to bacteria attack.

#6. Avoid Citrus: As you plan on adding more fruits and vegetable to your diet, make sure you stay away from citric fruits and vegetables. Citrus is not good for the teeth. It is a staining agent and can blacken the teeth. It is also acidic in nature which means, it can tear off the enamel and expose the teeth to the harmful bacteria. If the bacteria reach the inside if the teeth, then it can be an alarming issue for the person.

#7. Drink More Amount of Water: Water has so many health benefits. Want to lose weight? Drink water. Wish to have a clearer skin? Drink water. Having some hormonal issues? Drink water. In fact, many cosmetic dentist in Delhi asks their patients to increase the amount of water they consume during the day before they get the treatment. Water does the same miracle to the mouth as it does for the body. Drinking lots of water can help keep the mouth clean and take away the chance of any bacteria attack. Consuming lots of water throughout the day also ensures that there is enough saliva in the mouth, which again guards the teeth. But the most important fact is that drinking enough water prevent you from having dry mouth. Nothing can harm the mouth as much as a dry mouth. So it is better to increase the count of water during the day.

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