Diet plan to lose weight

There are so many diet plans in the internet that you can look into and maybe follow. No matter the diet plan you see they all follow the same basic things in the eyes of health professionals and weight loss trainers, eat healthy. Another thing is to keep the weight in the scientifically ideal range, not too heavy and not too light.

When we say diet, we think about cutting back on food and starving ourselves. That is the wrong way to it. Actually having a weight loss means going back to the healthy meals more than cutting back on eating. Treat this article as a guide to proper eating. This is not the healthiest guide but it works.

How to plan the diet plan?

Ask your doctor, health care expert, professional friend in the field of health that you want to lose weight. They should advise you how to properly get your ideal body weight while taking your illness and disorders to mind, if you have any. They should be able to advise you on what not to eat and what you should eat in terms of the illness if you are suffering form one.

Weigh yourself every morning before you drink and eat anything.It is what I would like to call as daily default weight, when we wake up and it will slightly vary throughout the day due to clothing and what we eat or drink.

You will want to record your daily weight too, be it on a schedule planner, a diary, on the calendar at the wall or on the table, on the phone calendar. Seeing your weight go down is a good motivator.

Set a fixed eating time or routine and never eat or exercise 3-4 hours before you sleep. This will tell your stomach to be hungry only on specific times and not be hungry for long.

Remove extras from your meal little by little, allow your body to adjust to your new diet plan. It will help you maintain that plan for a longer period of time. Add some exercise in to your daily routine too, better to burn fat with.

The basic diet plan

Remove extra starch and sugars –Without all those extra starch and sugars, the body should be able to take it from your stored calories making you burn fat faster.

Eat balanced and appropriate portions – there has to be a balance between healthy fats, protein, and low carbohydrate plants in your diet. Healthy fats comes from olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and butter. Protein is essential in this diet plan as it can boost metabolism and make you feel full for longer. You all so need plants in your diet as they contain vitamins, minerals, and soluble fibre for body functions.

Eat whole or unprocessed foods – plenty of ready to eat meals and snacks from store shelves have plenty of added bad things like glucose/sugar and preservatives. Whole foods is healthier and more filling, so you eat less in the long run.

Limit your fat intake with healthy oils – when you cannot avoid frying, use olive oil or butter, these two are the healthiest kind of cooking oil you can cook with. Also, margarine is worse than butter, it’s actually unhealthy and do not believe the ads you see.

Drink more water – water is the best drink we can all drink. Unlike processed drinks with lots of fat producing ingredients, water is only H2O with some minerals so there is nothing there to make you gain weight and the body needs it.

Exercise at the right time – exercising at the right time will make your bodies burn fat properly. The ideal time would be before meals.

Snack on fresh fruits – fresh fruits have a lot of good vitamins and minerals and adequate amount of sugar for our daily sugar needs while not ruining our health with so much additives that we do not need.

Coffee and tea time – coffee is best in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Caffeine is a good metabolism booster when you are feeling sleepy or tired.

Skip sports drinks – sports drink like Gatorade are only for those who are involved in a very dehydrating sport or exercise like soccer, marathon runners, basketball players, hitting the gym, and if you are going to run and hike for a long time. You do not need these drinks in your daily life unless you want to add a heap full of sugar and salt into your system. Again water is still best for those engaged in light exercise who want to lose weight.

Additional fat burner tips

When shopping for food skip the processed ready to eat ones with all the bad and go for the whole or unprocessed food and cook them yourself. Don’t get margarine and buy butter and olive oil instead. Do not believe in the hype and stick to the tried and successful ways of proper eating.

Amongst all other tips out there, the best tip is to ignore ads and commercials, they are misleading. The ones you should believe in the most would be your trusted health professional friend, who is looking after your health.

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