Hepatitis B: Symptoms, Causes, Transmission, Treatments

Hepatitis B

What is Hepatitis B?

It is among the most widely spread infections of the liver. Majorly caused by a certain virus, Hepatitis is a transmittable disease that can claim an individual’s life if not taken care of. Majority of people with hepatitis B contact it through body fluids like sweat, blood and semen, all of which can easily be transferred from one person to another during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities like kissing and hugging.

Getting a perfect cure for Hepatitis B is the dream of every victim, but can hepatitis B be cured? You are about to find out everything about Hepatitis B now. Read ahead.

Hepatitis B

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Symptoms of Hepatitis B 

What are the signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B? This disease come with so many kind of visible signs that last for as long as one have it. Some of these signs are:
• Abdominal pain: getting hold of the bowel, this health problem causes regular intense pain to victims, making them feel restless. If you have been having stomach pain severally, consider going for a confirmatory test.
• Dark-colored urine: a change in urine color can be a sign for different health-related issues, but to be sure it is hepatitis, watch your urine color and if it comes out dark every time, you need to pay a doctor a visit.
• Yellow eyes: written in your yellow eyes is a sign of hepatitis. Just get close enough to a mirror to check for eyes color.
• Nausea: Nausea is also a symptom, though it is not really strong evidence.
• Vomiting: do you feel irritation around your lungs and chest often? Uncontrollable vomiting can also be a sign.

How can you contact Hepatitis B?

No one is safe, no one is unsafe. Because you don’t have it now doesn’t mean you are a superhuman and can never have it. It is better to know how Hepatitis B can be contacted to stay safe. Let me show you how people contact chronic Hepatitis and B type.
• Poor sex life: living a poor sex life is characterized with unprotected sex, oral sex, and other unpleasant sex activities. Lack of faith to ones sexual partner can also get one infected, since many patients were confirmed to have engaged in having multiple sex partners.
• Sharing of clothing: sharing your clothes with victims or putting on clothes worn by victims is dangerous. Since hepatitis is transmittable through sweat, your body may get in contact with a victim’s sweat even if the shirt or trouser had been washed beforehand.
• Sharing of sharp objects: it is difficult to know hepatitis patients at times that is why doctors warned against the sharing of sharp objects like razor blades, needle, blade, and scissors.
• Eating instruments: using the same spoon or fork with diagnosed people can get you in trouble. You are never safe even after washing that plate you are about to share with him, no, not until it is sterilized or you stay clear to play safe.

Self Treatment for Hepatitis B

What should you do after confirming the virus in your body? For every form of sickness comes maintenance. To stop abdominal pain from hepatitis B, and to reduce other side effects, stick to this hepatitis remedy list.
• Grab a bottle: when I say grab a bottle, I am not talking about a bottle of beer or wine here. Water is the most needed substance to keep the nerve system clean, allow for smooth blood circulation, and add moisture to the bloodstream. Water flushes out those dead blood cells and keeps the worn out tissues back in shape. Since this is a liver problem, an adequate intake of water, say 13 cups a day, will be the best natural treatment for hepatitis B.
• Fruits: fruits like banana, pawpaw, watermelon, carrot, cucumber and other veggies will help take care of hepatitis B. Cucumber and watermelon contain nutrients for healthy living as well as antioxidants to get rid of virus. Water from fruits like carrots will enrich the liver, and reduce intestinal pain.
• Pain relief: never wallow in pain. With the use of pain reliever like ibuprofen, you will be breaking free from stomach pains.
• Regular rest: a medical expert once said that many hepatitis patients are not getting better due to stress. Do you want to stay four steps ahead of other Hepatitis patients? Consider sleeping regularly and relaxing.
• Meet a doctor: become your doctor’s friend, pay him a regular visit to check your status up all the time. By so doing, you will know how far you have gone and what you should do as a hepatitis victim.

About Hepatitis B vaccines

Hepatitis B vaccines are taken every 6 months in three doses. These vaccines are the most effective treatment for hepatitis B. Children usually get vaccinated immediately after birth to prevent transmission from parents after birth, and afterward, are brought every six months for regular vaccination. Adults with and without this liver problem should also get vaccinated when due to prevent contamination or improve their health for those who already have it.

Who can contact Hepatitis B?

Anyone can become a B type hepatitis victim. Whether adult or infant, both male and female are liable to get contacted with it. Most of the victims targeted are travelers who walk frequently in the crowd, having body contact with sweating people.

Hepatitis is never written on a person’s forehead, so you can’t know who has it as you walk in the crowd, and so can get a share from this incurable sickness.

Hepatitis B is curable?

As victims keep asking if hepatitis B has a cure, researchers are under a lot of pressure to get a cure for hepatitis b. Presently, there’s not a single cure confirmed to work for it, but maintenance can be taken through all you have read from this article. All you need to do is study this article carefully and follow the instruction strictly to live a healthy happy life even as a patient.

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