How much should you spend on a Vape kit

vape kit

Are you trying to quit smoking and shift to vaping? Well, good job because this is a positive step that you’ve taken. You see, smoking cigarettes is the worst thing you can do to your lungs but on the other hand if we talk about vaping, you’ll know that it’s a comparatively better and safer option due to the lesser and sometimes zero amount of nicotine or tar.

Now, a lot of people out there think that vaping is expensive but the truth is that for someone who smokes a lot of cigarettes, he can definitely save himself a lot of cash by shifting to vaping. Yes, you read it right, especially in the UK vaping is quite cheaper than cigarettes but it also depends on you and which company you buy your vaping device or e-liquids from.

vape kit

It’s A Great Investment To Make In Yourself

It’s an undeniable fact that you have to make some investment in the beginning for buying a vape pen or any other vape device. But on the other hand you’ll know that this investment will bring out a positive change in you so a little money in the beginning won’t hurt. People usually don’t buy a vape kit just because they feel like it’s too much money but that’s where these people need to make some extensive research and realize that vape kits are extremely affordable especially if you are buying the beginner kit, it’s not going to cost you much. Buying a vaping kit is not only a step forward to save money in fact, it’s also a step forward to save yourself from the dangerous consequences of smoking cigarettes.

The Cost Of The E-Juice

Some of you might not be afraid of the cost of a vaping device but when yes, you might be worried about the cost of the e-juice that you have to buy every now and then to vape. Now, for this honestly, it’s all on you and your research, you need to find companies like Next Day Vapes to make vaping affordable for you because they’ve got the best and the most reasonable juices. There are a lot of companies out there who sale the e-juices for more than what they should actually cost so you have to beware of them and you need to pick up the best companies and then compare their prices to make sure that you aren’t spending more than what an affordable e-juice should cost.

The Value Of Vape Kits

Now the question of how much you should spend on a vape kit basically lies on how much you smoke. If you are someone who has been finishing a whole pack of cigarettes every day then your expenses regarding vaping will be different but if you are not that a heavy smoker then your expenses will be different. So, first before picking on a vaping kit, you need to identify your own usage and how much you smoke or like to vape. Just for your knowledge, an average vaping kit will cost somewhat around $40 to $80 and the e-juice is also going to be less expensive than a whole carton cigarettes. You can save around $150 per month if you compare vaping with smoking cigarettes and that’s going to be $1800 savings per year so here you can see the  difference yourself.

The end results of all this is that yes, vaping is better than smoking both for health and for saving money too. We aren’t saying that vaping is completely healthy for the human body but if you are someone who really needs to struggle with quitting smoking then there is no better option than taking some help with vaping.

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  • Jessie

    You don’t even have to spend very much on a vape kit nowadays… a Juul starter kit is only like $50 and it comes with 4 pods which are each roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes. So that’s like $20-$30 right there that you’re saving on cigarettes alone depending on what kind you smoke (or used to smoke!) You don’t have to have one of these fancy expensive vape mod things that most people usually think of when they think of vaping. As anyone who’s used a Juul knows, they do the trick just fine even if they’re nothing more than a little USB stick.

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