A day at the spa in Australia

When it comes to pampering and relaxation, not much comes close to a day to a spa. Getting a luxurious massage starting all the way from your head to your tippy toes to get all the stress and knots out of your body and muscles is truly heaven on earth. Finding a spa facility that you are comfortable with and trust to deliver on their promise of great service is not easy especially if this will be the first time you visit a spa, or you have just moved to a new neighborhood. So, what do you do when looking for a massage Penrith or anywhere else in Australia?   Doing diligent research is the first step and it’s an understandable one because you are trusting a stranger with the care of your skin and body, but this process does not have to be difficult at all. When doing your research, do keep in mind what you are looking for in a facility because you are there to be pampered, not have your blood pressure go up because of terrible service. Some beauty spa facilities have everything under one roof such as getting your hair done, getting a facial, as well as your nails, polished, your teeth whitened and a masseuse to work on your body so do look for such facilities.  Not every spa provides quality treatments, so you have to start by searching for online reviews and the websites of the facilities that you are keen on. Here are a few more tips and what to look for when it comes to a beauty spa facility.


Most beauty spa facilities will have a website where you can find out a bit more about the treatments they offer as well as any packages that will make your experience even better. The website might also have testimonials from previous clients but the best way to find out the quality of any establishment is through online ratings and reviews. These reviews will give you a better understanding of the beauty spa and know what the experience of previous clients was like. An objective review will help settle your worries. You can also call the beauty spa facility to clear up any questions you might have as well as find out what areas of treatment they specialize in. It is not a problem to request the credentials and years of experience of the people who will be assisting with your spa treatment. There are a variety of treatments available such as cellulite and detoxification to get rid of toxins and cleanse your skin, hydrotherapy scrubs to restore and renew your skin as well as hydrating body wrap treatments available.

Do they know what’s up?

Not every beauty spa can boast a team of hair stylists, beauticians, specialized therapists and image consultants with more than 20 years of experience like Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa. So before booking that appointment, do ask about the specialists who will be taking care of you during the treatments you will undergo. This is especially important if it’s your first time as you want someone with enough experience to ease you into being comfortable and not make the situation awkward or unbearable. Not everyone will be immediately comfortable letting anyone touch their hands and feet intimately and let’s not even talk about the facials and massage treatments. An experienced team can offer you expert services that will be tailored for you no matter what treatment package you select. And if it is your first time, they will want you to come back again for more.

Your million-watt smile.

When it comes to confidence, your smile is just as important as silky-smooth skin and beautiful hair. Smiling makes you more attractive and is said to increase one’s happiness. However, not all of us are self-assured in showing off our smiles especially if the color of your teeth does not inspire confidence. But there is always a way to change that. One of the most popular dental procedures in developed nations is tooth whitening which lightens teeth and removes discoloration and stains. This improves how your teeth look although the procedure will have to be repeated. This process will transform your smile and boost your confidence so that you are always showing off your pearly whites. Getting a professional with experience to conduct the dental procedure will ensure that your teeth are healthy and not become sensitive and damage them. Before you book the procedure, do check if they use peroxide-free substances to whiten teeth as it increases teeth and gum sensitivity.

Getting a manicure

You do not have to feel guilty about spoiling yourself, a simple mani and pedi is also recommended when you’re at the beauty spa, it just completes the process of relaxation. At the spa, the manicurist will cut your nails and shape them but refrain from having them cut the cuticles as it acts as a barrier for germs and bacteria. They will then remove the dead skin around the nails and then proceed to give your feet and hands a message with a moisturizer. After the massage, the manicurist will soak your feet in water to soften the skin and once done, will then rub the bottom of your feet with a sheet-like an emery board for the calluses and corns. This process will be followed by the manicurist polishing your nails with the color of your choosing.

And now the message

You might be nervous heading to get a massage but relax and enjoy the experience. Before heading out, try not to have a heavy meal and drink any alcohol as this might make it hard to calm down during the massage. Having a yoghurt or fruit with water is better. And to be polite, do have a shower or bath before you arrive at the beauty spa facility for your message. Don’t worry about undressing as it is up to you and how much comfortable so if you are not comfortable being half-naked, talk. Don’t forget to be open and honest with your masseuse if you are in any way comfortable and the pressure they are applying to your body is not pleasurable.

Now you can confidently find the best hair and beauty spa facility that works well for your needs.

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