Echocardiography Tables And Tests Everything You Should Know!

Echocardiography Tables

An echocardiogram is a test that uses high-frequency sound waves to make pictures of the heart’s chamber, valves, walls, and blood vessels. It is also known as echocardiography test. This test is done to look at the hearts condition and performance. You do not have to be worried about echocardiography tables are used to conduct these complicated tests. these tests because highly trained technician’s conduct these tests on technically advanced.

Here is every inch of detail you would like to know about echocardiography tables and tests.

Why are Echocardiography tables beneficial to the doctors and patients?

Echocardiography Tables

Echocardiography Tables

  1. Height adjustment can be done by foot paddle.
  2. It is easy to transfer the patient on the table even if he is on the wheelchair.
  3. They have electric power tilt.
  4. They have adjustable lift back.
  5. Echo window can also be added.
  6. They can lift heavy weight.
  7. They prevent injuries while scanning.
  8. The sonographer can get close to the image without compromising the comfort of arm, shoulder, or hand.
  9. These tables provide remote to control the movement of the table.
  10. They provide the correct scanning position.
  11. They include paper roll and cutter strap.
  12. You can use all the three positions for the tests- sitting, standing, and lying down.
  13. They provide ideal working conditions for both doctor and patient.
  14. They provide accurate results.

What does Echocardiography test help the doctor to find out?

  1. It helps to find out the shape of your heart.
  2. It helps to find out the size of your heart.
  3. It helps to find out the pumping strength of your heart.
  4. It helps to find out the movement of your heart.
  5. It helps to find out the performance of heart valves.
  6. It helps to find out the infections and tumours in heart valves.
  7. It helps to find out the blood leakage.
  8. It helps to find out the infections in the outer lining of the heart.
  9. It helps to find out the problems of the large blood vessels.
  10. It helps to find out the blood clotting in the heart.
  11. It helps to find out the holes in the heart.

How long does it take to conduct the test?

It takes around one hour to conduct the test.

What preparation is required before the test?

Nothing, you can eat and drink like as usual. It is good to wear loose clothes on the day of the test.

How is the test Echocardiography tests conducted and how are Echocardiography tables used in this test? 

  1. The room where the test is conducted is dark because it gives a better view on the monitor.
  2. You are made to lie down on the echocardiography table and the small metal disc is placed on the chest.
  3. The gel is then applied on the chest. This gel lets the sound waves pass through your skin.
  4. The wires of these discs are connected to the electrocardiograph machines.
  5. These machines keep track of the heartbeat during the test.
  6. You will be asked to hold your breath or breathe heavily for a few moments. This helps in getting a better picture of the heart.
  7. The transducer is then passed across your chest that produces sound waves that echo back to the transducer.
  8. These sound waves are then changed into pictures.
  9. These pictures are displayed and recorded on the monitor.
  10. Finally, your gel is cleaned, and you are done.
  11. The doctor looks at these pictures and tells about your heart functioning.

In short, Echocardiography tables have made these tests comfortable and simple for both doctor and patients. Thus, keeping these highly advanced tables in the clinic is a necessity for the doctors.

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