Potential Risks and Complications of Hymenoplasty or Reconstruction Surgery

Potential Risks and Complications of Hymenoplasty or Reconstruction Surgery

Hymenoplasty is an invasive surgical process, which stretches the external boundary of labia or hymen by restoring the tissues of the hymen. Because the hymen is there by the entrance of the vagina, Hymenoplasty has resorted to, for curing the injury done to it, because of lifting anything heavy or getting a fall accidentally. Hymenoplasty is said to be safe with very less endangers, but the surgery surely is complicated and some risks are there.

Potential Risks and Complications of Hymenoplasty or Reconstruction Surgery

Treatment process

First approach

If any residues of the hymen are present, they can be stitched. The lady is put under anesthesia so that there is a lesser amount of pain and the patient also doesn’t feel distressed.

The broken parts are then put together, the stitches are solvent. The surgery doesn’t take longer than an hour’s time to complete.


Another approach

The Alloplant technique is performed when the residues cannot be stitched together. The surgeon implants a biomaterial inside the labia and the material then acts as the hymen. This is a long process as compared to the first one and gets finished in about  2 hours time.

Hymen reformation

The surgeon in this method makes a new hymen, with the help of lip of the vagina. But, the precaution in this method is that you have to stop yourself from lovemaking for some time.

A little bit of pain, swelling and bruising, The patient may also feel a little bit of discomfort while walking or sitting, they may also be subject to having bumps or sometimes even swelling. Having medicines is the only cure for this issue.

Soreness and blood

A little bit of bleeding is sure to be there, which is nothing to worry about. At times, this sort of bleeding is also connected with the menstrual cycle, so not to get nerve-racked about.

But the problem comes when bleeding doesn’t stop and the level of bleeding also shoots up. Then the chances of hematoma also take place, although hematoma can be treated surgically, the patient might have to live for some time in the hematoma, which can be quite painful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the hematoma is not cured in initial stages, then it may, develop into a major cause of concern. Curing, which might need another surgery to be done.

In the end

Hymenoplasty is one of the major vagina surgeries done. The process focuses on amending the dysfunctions and also in boosting woman’s hidden grace. If this does not cure, then the women will have a lower self-esteem and will not think highly of her.

There are many clinics and doctors who take up this surgery. But Hymenoplasty is one of its kind with the best team of doctors catering to your every beck and call and all the facilities, it goes without saying that one should get checked there.

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