5 Things You Can Do if Your Gums Are Bleeding

bleeding gums

Do you want to know what to do when your gums are bleeding? When you brush or floss your teeth and spitting blood, it isn’t at all the normal condition. So, there is a need to stop it as soon as possible. Typically, bleeding gums can cause due to the inadequate plaque removal. Plaque is harmful to your teeth that affects healthy tissue of the gums and teeth. Plaque makes your gums inflamed; as a result, your gums bleed when brushing or flossing. This condition is the initial stage of gums infection and said to be gingivitis.

Typically, gingivitis condition is painless, and the bleed in gums is the only symptom of this condition. So, if you are also with the same condition then no need to worry you can easily treat and completely reverse this condition. You need to pay more attention to your oral dental care.

Gums is the very smallest part of your body but have a big job. It is well saying that good dental health keeps you more healthy and even keeps your smile sparkling. You shouldn’t ignore bleeding gums whether you see this occasionally or every day. So, first, you need to know about the causes of bleeding gums after that the symptoms. Here you also come to know about the legitimate things to do if you have bleeding gums.

bleeding gums

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Causes of Bleeding Gums:

As mentioned at the start that your gums start to bleed because of plaque. Plaque involves various bacteria which constantly builds up around, in, and on your teeth. If you ignore and left it as it is then:

  • It can irritate your gums
  • Can cause bleeding
  • Can cause inflammation
  • Leading to redness

However, there are some other causes behind the bleeding gums. These includes:

  • Over-brushing teeth (brushing too hard)
  • Flossing routine
  • Some medications (scurvy, leukemia and others)

Symptoms of Bleeding Gums:

There are some symptoms of bleeding gums:

  • Inflammation of gums
  • Bad breathing
  • Loosening of your teeth
  • In a few cases, there is the formation of pus in or around your gums

Now, come to the things that you need to do whenever you notice that gums are bleeding.

5 Things That You Should Do When Gums Are Bleeding:

Oil Pulling:

There is need of 1 tbsp of sesame oil or coconut oil

What Do You need to Do?

Get pure sesame or coconut oil and begin swishing with one of them in your mouth. You should swish it approximately 10 to 15 minutes. For the best result, you should repeat the same process once daily.

Why Oil Pulling Works?

Oil pulling is the thing that is quite effective for your oral health — No doubt that oil pulling is great for treating infections like gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the initial stage and periodontitis is the severe stage that causes your gums to bleed. Oil pulling is best to treat both. It is effective and capable of destroying the bacteria in your mouth. Due to the exceptional antimicrobial properties sesame oil and coconut oil is the most common for oil pulling.

Aloe Vera:

There is a need of 1/2-1 tsp of aloe vera gel

What Do You need to Do?

Take some aloe vera gel on your fingertips and gently apply it to the bleeding gums. Make sure that the gel completely sits on the affected area before rinsing your mouth. To get the best and immediate results you need to repeat the same process maximum 2 to 3 times daily.

Why Aloe Vera Works?

Aloe vera contains the best healing properties. It is quite effective to reduce the inflammation and bleeding due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has the anti-bacterial properties that help to fight against oral pathogens that cause of bleeding gums and disease like gingivitis.

Baking Soda:

There is a need of baking soda with a cup of warm water.

What Do You need to Do?

  • You can get a cup of warm water and only 1 tsp of baking soda. And add baking soda into the cup of water.
  • You can rinse your mouth with this solution.
  • Alternatively, you can also directly apply the baking on the affected area. Start rubbing the baking soda with the help of your finger or gently massage on the gum lines.
  • You ought to repeat the same process maximum 2 to 3 times a day and get the better result within no time.

Why Baking Soda Works?

Baking soda is capable of killing the bacteria in your mouth due to the anti-bacterial properties. It can immediately kill the bacteria that cause your gums to bleed. Baking soda is quite effective for your entire mouth even best for removing plaques and the bacterium stains of your mouth. You can also ask your dentist for further recommendations.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

There is a need for a cup of warm water and only 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

What Do You need to Do?

  • Take a cup of warm water and add the little amount of apple cider into the cup of water
  • You can use apple cider vinegar solution to rinse your mouth.
  • You ought to repeat the same process at least once daily and get the tremendous result

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Works?

Apple cider vinegar fight with combat infections due to which bleeding in gums occur. Moreover, apple cider vinegar is a natural antimicrobial agent that helps to remove plaque and although fight against the bacteria in your mouth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling, redness and inflammation in your gums.

Mustard Oil:

There is a need of the only 1tsp of mustard oil

What Do You need to Do?

  • Take a pure mustard oil and start rubbing it on the gums or affected area
  • You should leave it approximately for 5 to 20 minutes and after that rinse your mouth with the warm water.
  • You should repeat the same process twice daily and get the best result.

Why Mustard Oil Works?

Mustard oil is best for treating oral infections and inflammation.

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