Does Dental Cleaning Damage Teeth?


Many people ask this question, “why should they get dental cleaning when they brush, floss, rinse and clean their tongue regularly?” Well, they should know that oral care alone never guarantees healthy and disease-free teeth and gums. There are other factors as well that can harm dental health at any stage of life. Our lifestyle choices, the foods we eat, the oral etiquette we avoid etc. are some of other factors that can harm our dental health.

More importantly, we alone can never judge whether our oral health is good or bad, as only dentists are just judge to that. No matter how much you examine your teeth, you can only see the front teeth or front surface which may look whiteish and that does not mean the teeth are healthy and disease-free. Plus, there will be plaque building up on the back side of the teeth which may remain invisible to us.


So, even without our knowledge, there may be a layer of plaque and bacteria growing up on our teeth and gum lines which can cause problem if not removed in a timely manner. And only the dentist Greenpoint can see the teeth minutely, spot signs of trouble, including plaque, do proper check-up and then provide the right treatment all along.

  • Dental cleaning is essential else the plaque on your teeth and gums can harden into tartar which only a dentist can remove.
  • Not consulting the dentist means allowing oral problems to pester within which can develop into bigger issues over time
  • Teeth cleaning can ensure plaque and bacteria-free mouth helping you to remain healthy and enjoy life at fullest
  • Studies have confirmed how oral health and overall physical wellbeing are linked
  • Poor oral health can lead to a variety of health concerns including risks of stroke, dementia, diabetes and heart problems
  • Dental cleaning can help you stay healthy as it ensures a disease-free mouth in every situation
  • Regular cleaning of teeth by the dentist can keep you forever healthy and away from some of major health risks
  • You can save money can poor oral health can cause in restoration dentistry

Clearly, if you want to stay healthy, you must focus on keeping your teeth and gums disease-free forever. This is where teeth cleaning helps and it’s wrong to think that it damages your teeth. It won’t as experienced dentists are familiar with the procedure and you can expect risk-free treatment.

Benefits of dental cleaning

You can clearly see the merit in consulting the dentist regularly for dental cleaning as this helps you stay on top of your dental health. It’s necessary to keep the teeth free of plaque, tartar, food debris and bacteria to provide them nourishment and care.

Here are some of major benefits of dental cleaning –

1. Prevent cavities

The build-up of plaque is easily the most harmful thing that can happen to your teeth and gum. The white layer can engulf the teeth and prevent nourishment to them. And when your teeth and gums are not properly nourished, this will always become the cause of tooth decay. Plaque is acidic in nature that can chip away at the tooth enamel, leading to cavities over time. The best thing however is, plaque is easily preventable and removeable with regular brushing, flossing and rinsing. So, keep plaque away with timely dental cleaning and enjoy a perfect dental health forever.

2. Stop tooth loss

Plaque build up is always responsible for causing gum disease. And if early stages of gum disease or gingivitis, is not treated, it can develop into advanced stage, periodontitis, which is extremely bad for total oral health. Worse still, gum problems are one of leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Plaque will move further into on the gum line and teeth as gum disease advances in nature to harm the jaw bone. This is how teeth can loosen and eventually fall out. Dental cleaning on regular basis can prevent all this problem and let you enjoy healthy teeth and gums forever.

3. Reduce bad breath

Bad breath may not be a dangerous oral health concern, it nonetheless can cause problems and embarrassment over time. It occurs mostly due to poor oral hygiene causing food left over and plaque to combine and form odour-spreading bacteria in the mouth.

Those who maintain good oral hygiene can prevent the problem of bad breath. If this problem persists, the bacteria can then start causing problems to teeth and gums gradually and lead to tooth loss. It’s therefore important to go for dental cleaning on a regular basis and keep your mouth healthy and odour-free forever. Plus, drink plenty of water daily and stay hydrated to get over this problem.

4. Remove stains

Stains are bad for your teeth. They ruin the glow and charm of smile easily. When we eat or drink items like tea, coffee, wine, tobacco or sport drinks or juices, it is then bound to cause certain form of staining.

Proper oral care with regular brushing can help get over this problem but you may need to consult the dentist if oral care at home is not enough to get rid of stubborn stains on the teeth. A dental cleaning can help remove all those stains and sports from the teeth that dilute the whitening and bringing teeth. This will help you have a perfect smile forever.

5. Boost your overall health

You should not feel surprised at knowing that how a better oral health can contribute to a better overall health. Several studies have shown how people whose oral health is good are less at risk for heart disease, cardiac disease and diabetes that those who have poor oral health. With regular cleaning at a top dentist Middle Village, you can take a solid step towards maintaining a total health. The dentist can also check your teeth, recommend good diet, guide about oral care routine and spot any dental problem at an early stage. All this will help you stay on the right side of your dental health forever.

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