Health Risk Associated With Dirty Carpets

carpet cleaned

The adage health is wealth stays true in every era. The health of the home is essential to maintain the health of its dwellers. The health of home means the cleanliness of the home. While the house may appear clean, it does attract a lot of microorganisms and germs that enter the home without any warning. There are more chances of getting hit by germs in winters and monsoon as compared to summers.

carpet cleaned

This makes summers essentially a better time to pay focus towards cleaning the home in comparison to other time of the year. There are every nook and corner of the house that demands cleaning. Leaving one part dirty can make the dwellers prone to illness and catching many diseases. One of the important things of house cleaning is carpet cleaning. Carpets are most prone to getting attacked by these germs and microorganisms as they enter its surface and do not leave easily. The dirty carpets are a call to many diseases and health risks.


There are many things due to which carpet gets dirty:

  1. Dust: the dust inevitably enters home and become a part of the carpets. Even after cleaning regularly, dust enters the carpet surface making it dirty.
  2. Walking: when the dwellers enter the home, they bring along various germs with them and this makes carpet unclean.
  3. Pets: the pets are also majorly responsible for making the carpets filthy. This is because when pets come in contact with the carpet, their hair falls on the carpet and they may urinate too. All this carries a lot of germs that can cause bacterial and fungal infections.
  4. Furniture: the fine wood of furniture or the dirt attached to the furniture also makes the carpet dirty. Especially the corners of the furniture that can not be cleaned on regular basis and are close the carpet make a lot of microorganisms come in contact with the furniture.

Let us discuss the health issues that arise due to dirty carpets.

  1. Breathing issues: there are many particles that become a part of carpets on a daily basis such as mold, pet hair, dead skin, dust, and dirt. These particles when cleaned through vacuum cleaner become a part of the environment of home as they spread in the air. With spreading of all these, the air gets contaminated and respiratory issues to arise. Many people face asthma, breathing problem, cough and sneezing when they enter the home. They fail to understand the reason behind the same even after cleaning the home has been done.
  2. Allergies: the dust and dirt particles can also cause skin allergies or nasal allergies. The people may get itchiness, redness of skin or marks on their body due to an allergic reaction.
  3. Skin irritation: there are also skin allergies which can be caused due to dirty carpets. One may face the problem of itchy skin, rashes, eczema etc. as the organisms caught in carpets are so small that even after cleaning, they may remain trapped with the carpet surface.
  4. Increased stress level: when people are constantly remaining sick or becoming prone to one or other form of illness, they are bound to become stressed. This affects their mental health and they may get caught with depression.
  5. The weakening of the immune system: due to being constantly attacked by small infections, the immune system is hit and it gradually becomes weaker.


It is essential to keep the carpets clean to make no compromise with the health of homeowners. Following tips can help in keeping the home clean:

  1. Vacuum: the carpets demand regular vacuum cleaning. Thus, they should be vacuumed once a week at least.
  2. Professional cleaning: even after regular cleaning, the carpets do become dirty. They demand cleaning from professionals who are experts in washing out the filth that goes unnoticed from naked eyes or even from the vacuum cleaner.

All in all, carpets beautify the home, they add a touch of their own to the grace and uniqueness of the home. With them, the homes look even more beautiful and attractive. But to maintain a healthy home, carpet cleaning is very essential otherwise it can cause many health hazards.

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