How to Lose Face Fat Easily? [Best Guide-2019]

Lose Face Fat

So you want to melt away those extra pounds accumulated in your cheeks, forehead, and neck area? 

Before you move any further, please note that spot reduction is not possible, it’s not even a thing. Whether you want to lose belly fat or face fat, you have to increase your overall fitness levels. Start working out, eating and sleeping right. Your overall metabolism will get a boost and you will easily replace that flab on your face with muscle. Instead of wondering how to lose face fat, consider reducing your overall weight.

Having said that, you also have to consider the fact that along with changes in the overall metabolism of your body, there are changes taking place in several parts of your body too. Meaning, each body part has its metabolic rate. Some parts having a high metabolic rate–are metabolically active–whereas others are not so active. With this information in hand, fitness experts believe it is possible to speed up weight loss in certain parts of the body.

Are there any studies or research performed on spot reduction? What do they have to say about how to lose face fat?

I understand your concerns about weight reduction in a specific part of the body like face or neck. Your skepticism is justified. There have been plenty of scam weight loss products making people believe that exercising a particular part of their body, particularly, the midsection, can make them look slim and give them a six-pack. 

There was even a study done to prove the internet fitness marketeers wrong. This study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concluded that working out a specific part of your body won’t help you get rid of fat in that region; although it will strengthen the muscles beneath the fat.

Another study by Dr. Arthur Weltman of the University of Virginia, concludes a whole new thing. According to Weltman, upon exercising, the regions having metabolically active fat will suffer a far greater impact of the workout than those that are metabolically docile. He also shared another encouraging fact that, in most people, fat stored in individual parts of the body is usually metabolically active. Hence, you have a greater chance of losing your face fat by performing exercises tailored to do so.

How to lose face fat the easy way? 

1. Eliminate added sugars from your diet

Added sugars are known to raise blood sugar levels and screw up your hormonal system. Consuming added sugar daily leads to prolonged high blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to a condition known as “Chronic hyperglycemia”. 

According to a study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, hyperglycemia leads to insulin resistance which is directly linked with obesity. This is how to lose face fat without having to exercise or go on fad diets.

2. Face Massage

Fat is not the only reason behind the unstructured and asymmetric appearance of your face. Sometimes, the build-up of water and other bodily fluids in your face can make it look bigger than it is. To get rid of excess fluids in your face, massage your face for a few minutes every day with some aloe vera gel. Massaging helps you look and feel years younger.

3. Laughter therapy

Still wondering how to lose face fat? Don’t feel like going to the gym or make drastic changes to your diet? There is a very simple way to tone every muscle of your face without ever having to live a dumbbell. The solution is to laugh out loud for 15 minutes each morning. If doing this alone makes you feel weird, then you can join a laughter club in your area or visit comedy clubs like The Hollywood 

Improv or The Comedy Club.

4 Chewing gum

Chewing a few sticks of gum every day will help you lose face fat is a couple of ways. One, chewing is a great exercise for the muscle around your chin and lower cheeks. As you move your jaw up and down, the fat around that region– if metabolically active–will burn at a faster rate. Secondly, there is a research that proves how chewing gum reduces your overall appetite and makes you feel full for a few hours after doing it. This Japanese study also concluded that chewing gum reduces your attentional bias to food. Meaning, it takes your mind away from food; reduces cravings.

5. Blowing balloons

Blowing a few balloons every day is another great way to lose face fat fast or at least speed up the process of fat loss in that region. Moreover, doctors recommend this activity to people breathing problems like asthma. There are no side-effects to it. 

6. Hot towel treatment

If the fat in your fat is metabolically active, giving yourself facial steam can help you shed the extra pounds on your face. This is how it works: Heat some water in a vessel, soak a dry and clean towel in it for a few minutes, take it out and keep it on your face while you lay comfortably on a bed. The heat coming from the towel will make you sweat a lot and also speed up the process of fat reduction in your face.

7. Gargle with water

Gargling with warm water can help you lose the stubborn fat around your cheeks. Just take some lukewarm water in a glass, take a sip and twirl it in your mouth for a few seconds. Spit it out and repeat it 5-6 times. Doing this 2-3 times a day will also contribute to your oral health and hygiene. So, there are no downsides to trying it out.

8. Perform facial exercises

Yes, facial exercises can tone up the muscles on your face and help accelerate the process of fat loss in that area. I am not asking you to just perform facial exercises. You can lose face fat by adding facial exercises to your regular workout routine. Whether you are a yoga person or prefers to lift heavy weights, facial toning exercises will help you look great again.

However, there isn’t much research done to validate the effectiveness of these exercises in losing face fat. South Korean scientists experimented by asking 50 women volunteers to perform facial muscle exercises twice a day for 8 weeks; with a device known as “Pao”. 

Next, they measured their facial features like facial muscle thickness, cross-sectional area and jawline surface distance with sonography. In conclusion, they notice a significant increase in facial muscle thickness and cross-sectional area.

The bottom line

Instead of falling for gimmicks and quick-fix solutions that don’t work, it is a lot better to try out tried and tested home remedies that have been proven to work consistently. To lose face fat fast, it is best to focus on your overall fitness levels while performing the above-mentioned body-part-specific exercises to stimulates your body’s own fat burning process.

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