What’s the Best Way to Take CBD?

Taking CBD is reputed to have almost miraculous powers in the world of wellness. There’s evidence that it can work as a painkiller, that it can help to reduce stress, signs of aging, anxiety and depression and that it can promote deep and healthy sleep as well as generate a sense of wellness. While we should regard some of the more dramatic claims with appropriate scepticism,

Getting the most out of CBD involves understanding both what it can do for you, and what the condition you are trying to treat really need, so today we’re informing you so you can make the best decisions.

Acute Conditions vs Chronic

Most health conditions can be sorted into one of two types: acute and chronic. Chronic conditions are ongoing, they last for long periods of time, or indefinitely, whereas acute conditions are brief, concentrated spikes of discomfort or distress. Fortunately, chronic conditions tend not to be as intense as acute ones, but they shouldn’t be written off: they can be the cause of severe pain and discomfort, and dramatically curtail a person’s actions and independence. A chronic condition is no mere irritant.

Using CBD for Acute Issues

One of the ways that CBD can help is by treating pain. As well as acting as an anti-inflammatory, reducing pain caused by tired muscles or inflammation around the joints there is some evidence that CBD has some effectiveness as a neuropathic painkiller, directly deadening your brain’s pain receptors.

 If you suffer acute pain, you need something that’s works very quickly and directly to dull the source of it. If you have a sudden, sharp headache, you need it to stop, as soon as possible. This means you need a way to take CBD that is absorbed quickly by the body, with the active component being directly available. The longer it takes to absorb and break down, the longer you are waiting for the effects to kick in.

A CBD vape, or a tincture of CBD oil taken under the tongue (‘sublingually’) are the fastest ways to get CBD into your system, so you’ll experience the effects quickly – but also briefly.

Chronic Conditions and CBD

If you’re trying to treat chronic pain – like arthritis for example – you need a way to take CBD that will go on working for a long period, giving you long term relief. CBD edibles and teas take longer to start working, because they have to be absorbed by your digestive system, and the food has to be broken down, releasing the CBD into your bloodstream. This also means that its effects are longer lasting, offering treatment for your pain that can last for hours.

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