5 Self-Care Best Practices When You’re Suffering From a Cough


You’re up all night. You’re exhausted during the day. You’ve had enough of this bothersome bark that has plagued you for days now. How can you get rid of this tough cough? Cough it out Coughing is the body’s natural mechanism for clearing up the air passageways. When you are exposed to respiratory irritants, coughing is a reflex action that aims to unblock or free the airways so you can breathe more comfortably. A cough or two a day is not a cause for concern. However, if a cough lasts for a prolonged period of time, then your body might be trying to tell you something. Which type of cough do you have? To know how to take care of this annoying ailment, you need to find out the root cause of your cough. Some coughs can be short-term and may be caused by the following: Allergy: It can be allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Flare-ups: It can be a recurrence of a long-term condition such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Lower respiratory tract infection: Examples of this are bronchitis or pneumonia. Upper respiratory tract infection: Infection that affects the throat, windpipe, or sinuses. Examples […]

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Hepatitis B: Symptoms, Causes, Transmission, Treatments

Hepatitis B

What is Hepatitis B? It is among the most widely spread infections of the liver. Majorly caused by a certain virus, Hepatitis is a transmittable disease that can claim an individual’s life if not taken care of. Majority of people with hepatitis B contact it through body fluids like sweat, blood and semen, all of which can easily be transferred from one person to another during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities like kissing and hugging. Getting a perfect cure for Hepatitis B is the dream of every victim, but can hepatitis B be cured? You are about to find out everything about Hepatitis B now. Read ahead. Symptoms of Hepatitis B  What are the signs and symptoms of Hepatitis B? This disease come with so many kind of visible signs that last for as long as one have it. Some of these signs are: • Abdominal pain: getting hold of the bowel, this health problem causes regular intense pain to victims, making them feel restless. If you have been having stomach pain severally, consider going for a confirmatory test. • Dark-colored urine: a change in urine color can be a sign for different health-related issues, but to be sure […]

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The Main Causes of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones

If you are someone that is dealing with consistent bad breath and/or you constantly feel the need to clear your throat, you might be dealing with tonsil stones. Tonsil stones is a condition similar to tonsillitis but instead of seeing white puss appear on the tonsils, you’ll see little collections that look similar to stones (which is where they get their name). Tonsil stones are either yellow or white in colour and they typically form in various pockets located on your tonsils. Sometimes they can form elsewhere in the back of your mouth (where ever debris can collect within a small space), but they are typically located on your tonsils. In terms of your overall health, they aren’t that threatening, they’re actually almost harmless. The thing with them is that they can cause a number of annoying and discomforting symptoms, such as bad breath and swollen tonsils. It’s for this reason why people desperately want to get rid of them. So that you can avoid unpleasantness that comes with this type of infection, I’m going to outline the main causes of tonsil stones in this article. And if you’re unfortunate enough to have already gotten tonsil stones, then don’t worry […]

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Causes of Migraine and How to Deal with It


Brain is the processing part which is completely responsible for the proper functioning of the body. The human brain is capable of handling hundreds of requests per second but in the meantime, when it is put under some hard-decision-making situations randomly and simultaneously, it will get overloaded which is the primary reason for chronic headache. This is medically termed as migraine. The increased amount of stress and requests that are routed to the brain will be transmitted through the nerves which will make them weak and tired and this can lead to short-term headaches but if this continues then the results may be severe and can cause migraine which will be a problem for the entire functioning of the body. Many reasons which can cause migraine are as follows: Migraine is nothing but the constant headache which can last nearly 60 to 72 hours constantly which will ruin the daily activity. The primary reason for migraine is the continuous thinking. Stressing the brain constantly will make things worse. Migraine will start to develop from the smaller area and it is capable of spreading up to one-third part of the brain. Changes in environment are considered to be one of the […]

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9 Things You Can Find out from DNA Tests


Humankind is fascinated by its origin – most of us would like to know where we came from and what our genetic inheritance is. Our desire to find more about ourselves as species has been fueled by the development of medical technology and DNA testing, which are making progress even while you’re reading this. That’s why a growing number of people all over the world is deciding to take a DNA test to discover different things about themselves. The possibilities of various discoveries through DNA data are huge. If you have wondered what exactly can you find out about yourself from your DNA results and how can you benefit from that information, here’s what you need to know. 1. Obesity Through a DNA test, you can find out if you have a specific variant of the FTO gene. This gene can make you approximately 1.6kg heavier than people who don’t have this gene. It’s assumed that 16% of the population has two copies of this particular gene, which means they will be around 3kg heavier than others. Another very important fact about this gene is that people who have it are also under higher risk of developing diabetes. 2. Longevity […]

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