How A Robotic Arm Assist Improves Joint Surgery

The Mako robotic-arm assisted is a new device that removes the burden of manually positioning a patient’s arms during joint surgery. The device is designed to aid surgeons in their work by improving time efficiency and accuracy. It allows the user to perform three key actions using just one hand; putting in a needle, turning off the anesthesia, and retracting or advancing the arms back into place. This application improves both surgeon satisfaction rates and patient outcomes without sacrificing efficiency or quality of care. Application The system’s primary use is in upper arm surgeries such as elbow replacement. It is intended for use in both adult and pediatric patients who require a total elbow replacement. The arm assist allows the user to complete a task with minimal effort and maximum precision. It also reduces the risk of accidental needle sticks occurring by keeping the needle carrier in a fixed position and eliminating an important source of error. Allowing surgeons to perform multiple tasks with one hand gives them more control over their scalpel than they would otherwise have with two hands tied up, placing a needle in one specific place. The system is active during operations where the surgeon moves […]

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