You Don’t Need Weed To Lead

Addiction to drugs is characterized as a chronic disease. It has a strong relapsing nature. People think that this disease is untreatable but it’s a myth. It is completely treatable. This disease is related to brain functioning. It involves the compulsive use of drugs by the individual that causes hazardous consequences. The structure of the brain alters and the entire functioning changes. Like heavy and oils foods disturb the functioning of the human heart; in the same way; the drugs disturb the functioning of the brain. Drugs have a chemical composition that interrupts the functioning of nerve cells. These cells are responsible for communication with the brain. The drug causes the production of dopamine that gives a delightful experience to the user. This feeling compels the drug user to repeat the action and feel good again. Later on, the user is not able to enjoy the same amount of drugs. He will use an increased amount to satisfy himself. The drugs take the addict to a state where he no longer cares about his loved ones, family, or friends. All he needs is drugs and a silent corner to enjoy the impact. Drugs disturb the overall health of the user […]

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