How Indoor Humidity Affects You and Your Home


Humidity levels aren’t easily measured unless you have a hygrometer on hand, but you may notice key indicators that clue you to high or low humidity levels anyway. Poorly managed humidity can harm both your home and your health. If you’re not careful, you could even lose precious collectibles to mismanaged conditions in your home’s environment. Watch out for some of the hazardous things that high or low humidity can do. Creating a Breeding Ground for Bacteria Image via Flickr by iBjorn High humidity levels encourage the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. These thrive in damp environments. Once a microbial growth has taken hold, it can be difficult to get rid of. This type of moisture-related damage can lead to peeling wallpaper, damaged drywall, and rot. Watch for signs of these growths in places where moisture is regularly high, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Using an exhaust fan that vents to the outside will help. If you do notice a growth, address the problem right away. Harming Your Health Both low and high humidity can impact your health. Low humidity leads to dry eyes, nose, throat, and skin. You may suffer from nosebleeds. When the skin in your […]

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