Top 5 Hand Grip Exercises [The Best Guide]

Top 5 Hand Grip Exercises

Hand grip exercises are considered as one of the most underrated workouts by fitness trainers. Most people either completely avoid doing it or perform it the wrong way. They forget to focus on basics like form, keeping count of the repetitions. Also, it is important to make hand grip exercises a part of the workout routine. The hand gripper one of the most popular equipment for wrist exercises. Along with that, there are many other exercises that can help you strengthen the muscles and soft tissue in your hand.  Top 5 Hand Grip Exercises 1. Hand Gripper Hand gripping exercise can be performed anyplace and anytime. You don’t need a special warm up or a blood pump to perform it. The basic concept behind this exercise is to strengthen your arms by squeezing the handles of a gripper. As you perform this exercise, you will notice that your grip strength has increased. This will help you lift more weights and perform hanging exercises with ease. Someone who has never performed hand gripping exercise should start with 8 sets(4-5 reps in each set). You can increase the number of repetitions as you get better at training with a hand gripper. 2. […]

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