Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga exercises are to be done under artificially created hot and humid conditions. The reason behind the higher temperature is to recreate the same conditions as that in India where yoga was born. Hot yoga is also known as “Bikram yoga” as it was invented by Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhary. Bikram yoga is performed in a room with the temperature maintained around 40.6 degrees Celsius. There is a total of 26 postural and two breathing exercises performed. However, there are many variations of hot yoga as every teacher likes to modify the exercises as per their personal experience. Health Benefits of Hot Yoga 1. Detoxification After the process of metabolism, our body releases a lot of unwanted waste in the form of toxins. Sometimes these toxins remain inside the body and can cause a lot of health issues. This is why there is a need for toxic cleansing either by consuming certain healthy juices or performing a strenuous but effective form of exercise like hot yoga or “Bikram Yoga”. When you perform yoga stretches in a room with slightly higher temperature (105-degree Fahrenheit), you sweat more than usual and it helps your body to effortlessly expel the toxins […]

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