How to Stop Water From Getting Into Your Nose while Swimming

When you’re learning how to swim, one of the most frustrating things is getting water up your nose. You can’t breathe and it’s scary. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening! Let me show you how: Tip 1: Take a Long Slow Breath in Through Your Nose, and Then Out Through Your Mouth Before You Tip Your Head Backward and Immerse It in the Water First and foremost, when you get into the pool or ocean, take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it in for as long as possible—at least 8 seconds. Once you’ve held that breath for an extended period of time, tilt your head back and put it under water. The longer you can hold your breath underwater without exhaling or inhaling (known as “holding” a breath), the better off you’ll be: the less time there is between breaths means less chance for water to enter your nose during inhalation. Next, breathe out slowly through your mouth while keeping most of the air inside of yourself. Afterward, simply repeat this process until all of the air has been expelled from within yourself—it’ll make sure that any excess moisture on either side of your […]

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