Top 7 Health Benefits of Onion Juice [2019]

Health Benefits of Onion Juice

People usually associate onions to a food item that adds a sweet taste to their burgers, salads, and curries. But surprisingly, there are tons of benefits of onion juice. In this post, I will be sharing those in detail. Onion juice is a natural drink. There are no added preservatives or artificial flavors in it. In fact, onions can easily be juiced at home. Onions contain nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium and iron. These nutrients are essential for a healthy body and mind. Image Source- Top Health Benefits of Onion Juice 1. Fights Inflammation Onions contain elements that are excellent in fighting swelling and inflammation. Inflammation can occur in any part of the body. But in most cases, people complain of inflammation in muscles, intestines, and lungs. Onions are loaded with flavonoids. A study by Antioxidant Research Laboratory, Italy suggests that flavonoid-rich foods are good anti-inflammatory agents. Quercetin is one such flavonoid that helps people recover from rheumatoid arthritis– which causes inflammation in joints. Another study by the University of Bern, Switzerland confirms that consumption of onions can lead to bone resorption. They fed rats with a measured amount of onions and found out that there was […]

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