The Latest Tech Developments in Early Disease Diagnosis and Prevention

Technological advancements have revolutionized healthcare and enabled early disease detection. Even though AI, quantum computing, and other new developments are exciting, early disease detection is one technology that can benefit us humans the most. That’s because the sooner a disease is diagnosed, the more likely the patient is to survive, as their chances increase. This field has witnessed several major technological advancements, thanks to increased connectivity driven by the internet. It’s vital to stay up to date with the latest advances in early disease detection and prevention because new technologies emerge all the time. Therefore, in this article, we will explore how some of the latest technological advancements help us to detect disease early. Liquid Biopsy Liquid biopsy is basically a blood test aimed at detecting small amounts of cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream. It also detects genetic footprints or DNA of cancer, tumor mutations, or circulating tumor cells. Most of the studies have used liquid biopsies in the context of advanced cancers and metastatic stage-4 cancers. It can be used to study whether the treatment is working by measuring the burden of cancer cells in the bloodstream. As another benefit of liquid biopsy, we can get results within […]

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