7 Best Snacks For Diabetes in 2019

Best Snacks for Diabetes

Too much sugar in blood leads to four types of debilitating disorders commonly known as diabetes. A hormone called insulin– secreted by pancreas– is responsible for managing the sugar levels in the blood. When produced in a lesser amount, the body fails to limit the quantity of glucose in the blood, which results in diabetes. Moreover, the food you eat accounts into the glucose levels in your blood. Ultimately, the carbohydrates in the food get converted into glucose. Hence, people with diabetes are instructed to follow a strict diet with foods having a low glycemic index. In this post, I have listed a few such snacks that are tried and tested to be the best for diabetes. These foods are broken down slowly by the body and they don’t raise the sugar levels in the blood. These foods will also help you keep your insulin in check by cutting your cholesterol and lowering the blood sugar. Best Snacks for Diabetes 1. Tuna Salad Fish and other kinds of seafood are a great option for people with diabetes. Tuna is a saltwater fish commonly available in canned form. Both canned and fresh Tuna are good for diabetes patients but it is […]

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