All About Low-T (Testosterone)

Low-T (Low Testosterone), otherwise called hypogonadism, is a condition in which a patient’s testes (testicles, the male reproductive glands) do not produce an adequate amount of testosterone, a male sex hormone. Beyond sex drive, testosterone has many important functions in a person’s body, including the development of the bones and muscles, and factors related to a person’s appearance. Low-T can really impact a patient’s health and treatment is thankfully becoming more common because of the reduced stigma around it. Testosterone is what helps men develop during puberty and helps them develop body and facial features like facial and body hair, deeper voice, and muscle strength. Men also need testosterone to produce sperm. As men age, testosterone levels generally decrease. Usually, this decrease is small, but sometimes, the decrease is drastic, causing issues and deficiency for patients. This deficiency (Low T) causes many symptoms, as mentioned below. While it can be difficult to identify how many men suffer from Low T, it has been suggested that 2 men in every 100 men suffer from this condition. Symptoms of Low T Low T has quite a few symptoms and it is common that patients will notice their bodies acting differently than it […]

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