Important Vitamins for the Elderly ─ Best Vitamin Food

Many factors influence our health, and in some cases, we are not in control of those factors. Different viruses, bacteria, and environmental issues can harm our bodies. Senior organism differs, their lifestyle and nutrition are not like in other age groups, so there are ways and tips on how to slow down the process of aging. Here we will tell you about important vitamins and supplements for the older generation, that will help them live their life to the fullest. Most Essential Vitamins for the Elderly Taking vitamins in old age is important since we can’t nutrients from food, to fill gaps in your diet you need to take some extra supplements. Vitamins that are recommended for older people include: Vitamin C Powerful immune booster for any age, it increases white blood cell production to ward off infection and disease. It also provides vital antioxidant protection to shield white blood cells from free radicals. When seniors do get sick, vitamin C may speed up the recovery process. Vitamin D With getting older, people are more open to chronic skeletal diseases like osteoporosis. Vitamin D is related to building and maintaining healthy bones. It also helps to absorb calcium and maintain […]

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